RetailMeNot is offering to pick up the tab on unfulfilled baby registries.
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Find Out How To Win A Full Registry Right Here

For those events that got cancelled.

2020 was the year of cancellations. Cancelled weddings, cancelled baby showers, cancelled retirement parties. Which apparently left a slew of wish lists and registries for gifts unfulfilled. Not any more. Here's how you can win a full registry with RetailMeNot. Imagine all of those shower gifts you thought you would never get suddenly appearing as if by magic. That is the dream.

In honor of Optimism Month, the online savings destination RetailMeNot has launched a Spring For Savings contest. It seems the pandemic left 30% of gift registries unfulfilled in 2020 due to COVID-19, and RetailMeNot wants to help 10 people by giving them $1,000 towards their registries. The money will be available through gift cards or items of equivalent value from the provided wish lists or registries.

Until March 7, you can submit a nomination via this Google form. All you have to do is write a short message, between 100-300 words, about why this person deserves to have their registry fulfilled by RetailMeNot along with their name, public wish list, or registry URL.

The contest closes on March 7, so that clock is ticking. And that wish list has waited long enough.

You can get your wish list filled out by RetailMeNot.

The winners will be chosen based on how the nominee was impacted by the pandemic in 2020/2021 and how the prize will help with that loss. All winners will be chosen and contacted by March 22.

We will never get 2020 back, but we can hit the refresh button. Why not start with fulfilling a registry for someone who needs it? That someone can be you, by the way. You are able to nominate yourself and can even try out multiple nominations, but only one of your nominations can win.

Make it count. Win a registry. Life goes on.