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19 Hilarious Graduation Memes

You got to laugh at how scared you are to enter the real world.

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Sure, graduation is an exciting moment that celebrates educational achievements with a beautiful ceremony. But it can also be a *super* stressful time filled with uncertainty and big life decisions. That’s why the graduation memes that express how you really feel are so important. Wearing the cap and gown can bring out some pretty mixed emotions, and that’s totally understandable.

As with any other major milestone, using graduation as a reason to meme-ify your feelings is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes, a simple reference to Spongebob or a cute dog photo with text just expresses your emotion so much better than mere words. After all, is there anything a new graduate enjoys more than hearing the thousandth person ask, “So what are you going to do next?” It’s all kind of a lot. (Honestly, it would be so much better if everyone around the graduate could just say “Congratulations!” and leave it there.) For plenty of grads, graduation is an exciting but super anxious time, and memes are a perfect way to share these relatable thoughts and feelings.


Cool It

Sometimes the most stressful part of graduation is everyone asking what you’re going to do next. It’s totally fine to just take a breath and enjoy your celebration for a minute.


Ring, Ring

OK, but those donor departments deserve some recognition. They will find you no matter how many times you move or change names or anything.


Serious Decision

Hey, those invites to in-person ceremonies can be super limited. It can feel like a reality show moment.


Creative Degrees Are *Absolutely* Necessary

Can you even imagine a world without graphic designers? Font choices would be all over the place, yikes.


I Do What I Want

If you aren’t having fun with graduation photos, though, what’s the point? Go ahead and get weird with it.


Still Learning

Sure, learning never stops. But you don’t have to sit through finals again, which is key.


Every Time

Even if you give a phonetic pronunciation or something. It’s almost guaranteed.


Best Reason Of All

Take motivation wherever you can find it. Going to school to give your cat a better lifestyle is completely legit.


It’s For The Best, But . . .

Virtual ceremonies are still a reality for many graduates. But these grads deserve all the celebration and love, too, because studying during a pandemic is another level of weird.


Is That All?

Because some of those study sessions lasted an eternity. And there was no option to fast-forward or anything.


Putting The “Pro” In “Procrastination”

Studying for finals while sitting at your graduation is a whole mood, to be honest. It felt like those tests would never end.


Buckle Up

Granted, the high school years are anything but easy for plenty of people. On the other hand, plenty of adults probably wish the rest of life were as structured as high school.


Real Talk

Yes, debt is the least-fun graduation present ever. There’s nothing like starting your new life with negative money.


Second Thoughts

You might have considered quitting a few times, especially when the exam stress ramped up. But you stuck it out and now that degree is in hand.


Sesame Street Got It Right

As the saying goes, C’s get degrees too. (Well, depending on the program.)


Just Keep Celebrating

So this meme is a little too true for many people. With that in mind, there are plenty of alternatives to getting a full-time job after graduation, such as volunteering or tutoring.


Definitely Got It Figured Out

That degree has to mean something, right? Right?


Thanks, Wiki

How did people even learn things before Wikipedia? That free encyclopedia is everything.


Yes, It’s Really Over

But you’ll have nightmares about finals for the rest of your life. Some parts of school never go away.