Meet H&M’s New Imagine That Collection For Kids

Clothing and sneakers made from cacti and plastic bottles? Yes, definitely.

After years of laying out clothes for your kid to wear, the day eventually comes when they want to style themselves. Sure, that moment might sting, but you’ll be proud of them when they learn not only how to mix and match items that perfectly reflect their personality but choose pieces that are made with repurposed and recycled materials in mind. H&M’s new “Imagine That” collection is not only cute for tweens and teens, but it’s a true conversation starter about creativity and sustainability.

H&M’s “Imagine That” collection for children is the seventh installment of the brand’s Innovation Stories series, the first of which launched in 2021. Like all the Innovation Stories collections, “Imagine That” is all about creating clothing that fashion lovers would love to wear, but also educating children on important issues such as sustainability and circularity in fashion. It’s all about taking what’s old and making it new again, but in a way that’s playful, fun, and of course, fashionable.

For example, you might want to look twice at the leather sneakers from this collection — because they’re actually made from desserto, a vegan, plant-based leather alternative that has the look and feel of leather but is actually derived from cacti. But sneakers made from greens aren’t the only example of some of the cutting-edge innovations in the collection. A jacket, bag, and hat are made from REPREVE Our Ocean fiber (a recycled polyester that is made from bottles that are at high risk of entering the ocean). And the sparkling sequins found on a colorful zip-up jacket and skirt set? Well, they’re made from 100% post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle waste.

Available on starting November 10, the “Imagine That” collection has sizes ranging from 8-14Y+. The bright colors, bold prints, and versatility in the collection will be appealing to any mini fashionista. It’s getting kids to embrace their own individuality through their fashion choices, learning how to find brands that align with their own beliefs, and understanding how all of those decisions can literally impact the health of our planet.