Home Depot’s Halfway To Halloween Event Lets You Buy Skelly *Now*

I mean, why not just dress him up for 4th of July, too?

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The older I get, the more I realize just how fast time truly travels. It’s the end of April, which means it’s practically summer, which means in like three months I’ll be back-to-school shopping and by then, it’s practically Halloween. Considering spooky decor and fake pumpkins are out in stores near the end of July, it’s no wonder my brain immediately associates warm weather with Hocus Pocus quotes. The Home Depot is capitalizing on everyone’s love of spooky though with an extra dose of Halloween starting today with the Home Depot Halfway to Halloween shopping event.

Halfway to Halloween? Oh, yes. It’s officially just six months until October 31, so of course you’re already imagining those fake bats and giant skeletons in your yard. Starting today and online, Home Depot is offering up some of their most-loved Halloween products to purchase while supplies last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you won’t see them again until the official Halloween shopping season at Home Depot begins. Whether you want your very own Skelly to dress up all summer long or just want to beat the rush and be fully prepared to decorate as soon as the first leaf turns orange, the Home Depot Halfway to Halloween shopping event is sure to help.

And don’t worry, if you’re just browsing for inspiration, know that there are plenty more products to come and lots of new spooky Halloween decor from Home Depot to hit shelves later this year.


The Viral & Iconic 12-Ft. Skelly

Skelly is officially back, and you already know he’s going to sell out. He’s new and improved, with eight new LCD settings in the eyes that you can toggle on and off to give your Skelly whatever personality you want. There’s currently a one-per-order limit, so if you want to snag Skelly before Halloween officially kicks off, now’s your chance.


A Brand New Inferno Skelly

Skelly also has a friend this year! Or maybe a distant cousin? The 12.5-foot Inferno Deadwood Skelly has a color-changing feature so you can make him look more or less fiery, and he’ll certainly make a statement standing in the middle of all those leaves in your yard. This Skelly is also on a limit of one-per-order.


Man’s Best Skeleton Friend

Ever wonder if Skelly gets lonely out there all night? Give him a companion with the new skeleton dog. Standing at five feet tall and seven feet wide, this pup is huge and will make a glorious impact on your Halloween decor. Like Skelly, you can play with the eye settings and even move the mouth to make your skeleton buddy as ferocious or lovely as you like.


The OG Monster

Take it back to the vintage days of Halloween with the brand new 7-foot-tall Frankenstein’s Monster. Fully licensed by Universal, this is a near-perfect representation of the original movie monster, and the motors inside move the arms and facial features, and it even speaks some lines from the original Frankenstein movie.


A Bundle of Skellys

Whether your Skelly needs some friends or you just like the look of smaller bone guys, this brand new three-pack of the five-foot LED pose-n-stay skeletons is perfect. We have one of these in our own Halloween decorations, and it’s so fun to make him pose in different directions. They’re pretty sturdy, and while the eyes don’t have different settings, they do still light up and you can totally see them from far away. Grab a bundle to really build out your skeleton crew this Halloween.

All of the above new items plus tons of best-selling favorites, like Nightmare Before Christmas decorations and Halloween inflatables, are available to purchase now on The Home Depot website while supplies last.