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Here's How To Get Pen Off The Wall Using Stuff You Have Around The House

There’s nothing like a bright blue pen mark across your pretty white wall.

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Thankfully, most kids' crayons, markers, and paints come in washable form, so if your child happens to scribble all over the wall, it’s no big deal. However, when your little one decides to grab things off your work desk and create works of art, you may find yourself needing to know how to get pen off the wall. You may also need to know how to practice deep breathing in that moment because there’s nothing cute about little wall doodles that may be permanent.

Of course, a child’s masterpiece isn’t the only reason it’s good to know how to get pen off the wall, because even adults make mistakes and can accidentally swipe their pen on a white wall. Regardless of how it got on the wall, it needs to come off, and here are a few ways to do it.

Baking Soda & Water

According to a representative at Pro Housekeepers, removing pen from a wall is not as difficult as it may seem. “The perfect at-home combination to get rid of those pen accidents is baking soda and water,” the representative tells Romper in an email. For this method, you’ll need to:

  • Mix 1 part baking soda to 2 parts water (example: one teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of water)
  • Gently rub the mixture onto the wall until the stain is gone

Be sure not to press too hard, and if you start to see paint peeling or cracking, it’s better to stop and either call a pro or consider a paint touch-up instead.

Magic Eraser Or Baby Wipes

If you’re okay with running out to the store, then Cynthia Berger, Co-founder of You’ve Got Maids, suggests adding a Magic Eraser to your shopping list. “Magic Erasers are one of those products that are what they say they are and I would recommend trying them,” she tells Romper in an email.

Additionally, Berger says baby wipes are a great alternative to a Magic Eraser. This method is great for caregivers because chances are high that if you’re trying to get a child’s pen-drawn art off the wall you already have some baby wipes in the house.

Avoid Rubbing Alcohol Solutions

A quick Google search may provide you with homemade solutions that call for rubbing alcohol in the ingredients list, however, Berger advises against using this ingredient to clean pen off the wall. “ While rubbing alcohol can be effective, it’s not too hard to go overboard on using it and impact the current paint job”, she says. If you’re a rebel and still want to give it a try, though, she recommends being very cautious.

“Little accidents are normal in every household,” the Pro Housekeepers representative says, “Having pen marks on the wall is a common mistake we all make.” Thankfully, this is an easy fix. Of course, if your wall’s texture isn’t standard or the mark is on top of wallpaper or a mural, it might be worth asking a specialist how to get pen off the wall, because they will be able to give you a more customized response. Either way now would be a good time to make sure you find a new spot to stash your writing utensils where your kids can’t reach them.

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