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Storing your child's art supplies doesn't have to be difficult with these genius organizers.
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The Best, Most Genius Ways To Store All Of Your Kid's Art Supplies

They'll probably still end up all over the place, but at least you can say you tried.

When you have a child who loves to create, sometimes the sheer amount of things they use to make art with can be overwhelming. With scissors here, paint there, and feathers and glitter everywhere, things can get out of hand quickly. But there are several genius ways to store your kid's art supplies before they take over your house.

Both of my boys absolutely love to draw. They sketch their favorite characters and draw portraits of family members for hours on end, but they also create piles and piles of paper, pencils, and crayons when they do. For some reason, they also believe that "clean up your things" excludes any piece of artwork they may have recently made — as well as anything they used to make said masterpiece. It's a constant struggle, but they do much better when they know where to put things.

I personally feel much more at ease within the chaos of my own home when there aren't broken crayons, un-capped glue sticks, and dried out markers floating aimlessly around the house. A place for everything and everything in its place, right? If you feel the same way, take a look at these genius ways to store all of the odds and ends that your kiddos use to express their inner artist.

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10-Drawer Rolling Cart

My kids use this rolling cart from Michael's to store all of their art supplies, so I can personally attest to its sanity-saving properties. Sometimes my kids will even take an entire drawer out so that they can have easy access to their stickers and markers and the drawers just slide right back in. Plus, how adorable is the rainbow color scheme?


Paper Organizer

This desktop paper organizer is the perfect solution for storing all of the different types of paper that your kids use regularly right on top of their desk or art table. Use it to organize construction paper, cardstock, notebook paper, and more. The sectioned top can even be used to store additional supplies like paper clips, stickers, or pens.


Rotating Storage Center

If you're looking for a way to wrangle the seemingly endless piles of glue sticks, scissors, and other odds and ends that your kids use to create their masterpieces, this storage center is a great option. The eight removable sections are nestled into a carousel so that your kids can spin it around when they need to access all of their supplies.


Rainbow Caddy

How adorable is this rainbow-themed art supply caddy? Not only does it have six compartments to store pencils, pens, markers, paintbrushes, scissors, and more, but its sturdy wooden construction means that it will hold up through your kid's most artistic years. The caddy itself measures just over 12 inches in length, so it's perfectly sized for desk or tabletop use.


Cup-Style Organizer

If you're looking for a tabletop supply caddy that's a bit sleeker, this cup-style organizer from Crate and Kids is a gorgeous choice. It's also a great spot for your kids to drop all of their little "treasures" into. You know, the buttons, fuzzy pom-poms, rocks, leaves, and things that kids pick up and save to add to their art projects.


Supply Case

My kids are always carrying armfuls of their art supplies from room to room, and even outside. Unfortunately, they usually leave a trail of rogue crayons and dropped glue sticks across the house when they do this. This supply case is deep enough to store all of their odds and ends, but it also latches closed and has a handle so that kids can carry their supplies everywhere with ease.


Craft Bag

If you're looking for art supply storage that can be moved around easily, consider a soft-sided craft bag with different sized compartments. My stepdaughter had a craft bag similar to this when she was younger and it was perfect for keeping her stash of beads and spools of string for bracelet and necklace making nice and neat when not in use.


Rolling Storage Cart

The different drawers, compartments, and storage rods on this rolling cart are perfect for storing all of your kid's art supplies. And since it has wheels, you can move the cart from room to room. As a bonus, you can also store wrapping paper in this cart if your kids don't have any paper rolls to put in that particular compartment.


Paint Storage Spinner

I currently have my kids' collection of acrylic paint bottles in a giant zipper baggie up in the top of a kitchen cabinet. This is definitely not ideal. Every time I get the bag out, at least one bottle has leaked. If you need a more efficient way to store bottles of paint, this paint storage spinner might just be the solution you're looking for.


Crayon Organizer

Instead of throwing your child's collection of (probably broken) crayons into a pencil pouch and calling it a day, consider using a crayon organizer like this one to store their colors in a more stylish way. Put this on your child's desk or table top and they can easily see which color they want to grab instead of digging through a box or bag full.


Marker Organizer

One way to help combat your child's obnoxious habit of letting their markers dry out is to invest in a way to organize them all. Sure, they may still drop a cap or two between the couch cushions, but with a storage case to put up to 80 markers in, they're definitely less likely to leave the cap off when dropping the marker back into its designated slot.


Pegboard With Hanging Buckets

If your kids are big enough to reach, a pegboard where you can hang some of their art supplies in buckets is worth investing in. Even if your kids are smaller, this might be exactly what you need to keep sharp scissors and messy paint supplies out of their grasp.


3-Tier Rolling Cart

This three-tier rolling cart is great for art supply overflow, plus it comes in an array of fun colors. The fact that each tier has an open top means that you can put larger art supply items in each bin. You can also add individual organizers for smaller items within the bins if you want your kid's stuff to be extra-organized.


Small Craft Organizer

This organizer is the perfect place for your kids to stash all of the feathers, buttons, pom-poms, paperclips, beads, googly eyes, and other little odds and ends that they use to make masterpieces with. Each drawer can be used to store a different type of craft supply, and it's a great way to keep tiny things away from the little brothers and sisters who like to put everything in their mouths.


Craft Storage Turntable

If you have multiple little ones who have to share their supplies, getting art supply storage that rotates on a turntable is a lifesaver. Instead of convincing a 5-year-old to "politely pass" the scissors, they can just shift this lazy-susan style caddy to rotate the appropriate bucket to where they're sitting.