How To Wash Your Kid's Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair When It Gets To Be Disgusting

A piece of kids' furniture that comes ready for spills and messes.

When each of my daughters turned one year old, my mom gifted them their very own Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair that was just their size and that they could drag all over the house. As cute as these little seats are, I quickly determined that I would need to learn how to wash Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair for kids because there was no way my little ones would keep theirs clean. Thankfully, the Anywhere Chair is a piece of kids' furniture that was truly made for kids, meaning the designers clearly anticipated spills and messes, so getting them clean is a total breeze.

What Is A Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair?

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs for kids are cute little armchairs that are just the right size for kids to snuggle up into with their blankie and a snack. They’re great for lounging, reading, movie nights, and really, any time your kid needs a spot to sit. The chairs are also super lightweight and all have a little handle at the top that allows kids to drag them, well, anywhere.

These chairs are absolutely adorable and come in two sizes as well as in a huge selection of colors and patterns (many of which can be personalized with a name or monogram). The chair itself consists of four separate pieces of foam that are held together/in place with a strong, durable removable cover.

How To Wash Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs For Kids

The removable cover is what sets the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs for kids apart from so many other pieces of kids' furniture because it’s totally machine washable and safe for the dryer. Seriously. It’s so easy to clean these little chairs, it’s almost unbelievable.

According to the Pottery Barn Kids website, to clean the chair simply remove the foam inserts from the cover and toss it into the washer on cold. After washing, you can toss the cover into the dryer on low heat until it’s totally dry (but you should remove as soon as possible once it’s fully dry). Since most of the covers are made from cotton, they can sometimes come out of the dryer wrinkly, and if that’s something that bothers you, it’s safe to use a warm iron to get them out.

There aren’t any specific instructions for how to wash the cover beyond using cold water, such as what cycle to use or the best detergent. Your safest bet is to opt for a gentle cycle with a detergent that’s clear to avoid any stains. That being said, I’ve washed my kids’ covers using a normal cycle and Tide Pods plenty of times without any problem, so do what you think is best.

As for the foam inserts, they are, unfortunately, not safe for the washer or dryer. So, if your little one spills a giant cup of milk all over their chair, you’ll need to take the cover off and spot clean the foam using a damp white cloth. Blot the pieces to remove as much liquid as possible and then let the foam dry completely before putting it back into the slipcover.

What Is The Appeal Of Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs For Kids?

Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs for kids are appealing on two levels: for kids and for their parents. For kids, it’s easy to see the appeal — it’s a chair that is made just for them, that they can take anywhere in the house, and is actually comfortable. For parents, it’s a piece of kids furniture that’s actually stylish (even the slipcovers with character prints are pretty), something they can trust their kids to safely carry, and its longevity makes it worth the cost (my oldest is 5 years old and her chair looks as good today as it did on her first birthday).

It probably sounds like I’m really overselling this little seat, but my girls really do love theirs, and once I figured out how to wash the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair for kids I quickly fell in love with them, too. Now, if only I could find a good full-size sofa with a washable cover, I’d be set.