If You Want To Spend Less Time Cooking & Cleaning, You'll Love These 48 Things

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There’s always another meal to cook and a room that needs to be cleaned, so anything that makes it easier? That’s a win. Luckily, there are dozens of products that cut down on time spent cooking and cleaning, so you and your family can spend more time doing, well, anything else.

If you want to spend less time cooking and cleaning, you’ll love the dozens of items on this list that do just that. Plus, they’re all conveniently available on Amazon. Several of my picks below are highly popular for their time-saving advantages. Take the cleaning putty with over 23,000 reviews that makes cleaning the nooks and crannies in your car fun and easy. For cleaner grooming, try the beard bib that collects shavings in an apron, so you never have to scrub facial hair out of the sink again. And effortlessly turn any pot of soup or chili into a meal prep session with the freezer tray that separates food into perfectly sized portions. Who wouldn’t be a fan of an avocado slicer that safely and quickly halves, pits, and slices one up?

This is just a handful of the clever time-savers that make living easier. For more things, you wish you’d bought a long time ago, keep reading.

This Set Of Door Handles That Keeps Your Fridge Cleaner

Cover your fridge and freezer handles with these covers, and they’ll protect your appliances from smudges, fingerprints, and other messes. Each of the four handles snaps on easily with hook-and-loop closure, and they’re machine-washable for periodic cleaning. The protective covers also work on ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.

This Cutting Board Cuts Down On Washing With Swappable Mats

Use this cutting board with color-coordinated inserts, and you won’t need to stop and wash the board between preparing vegetables and meat. Just swap in one of the seven colorful mats. They are even labeled, so it’s easy to remember which one is for poultry, fruit, or cheese. Plus, the mats are machine-washable and fit securely into the bamboo board.

Skip Looking Up Cooking Times With These Air Fryer Cheat Sheets

With these air fryer cheat sheets, you’ll have cooking times at a glance instead of needing to look them up every time. The sheets feature cooking information for more than 100 popular foods, and the sheets are designed to stick right to your appliance or your fridge with magnetic backing or adhesive. Each of the two laminated sheets is waterproof, heat resistant, and oil-proof.

The Handheld Blender That’s Also A Chopper & A Whisk

Use this one appliance to blend, chop, and even whisk ingredients. As an immersion blender, it mixes directly in your cup for less mess. The titanium-reinforced stainless steel blades and 12-speed settings make smoothies, salsas, baby food, and more. Snap on the whisk or mini food processor for everyday food prep using the same motor. Plus, all of the attachments are dishwasher-safe.

These Slow Cooker Liners That Make Clean-Up A Breeze

Slow cookers are convenient until it comes to clean-up, but now you can use these liners to cook without making any mess in the pot. The heat-resistant liner cradles food inside a 4- to 8.5-quart slow cooker, and you can simply lift the bag out of the pot once you’re done. You’re left with a clean crockpot and any leftovers can even be stored in the bag.

A Dish Spray That Cuts Through Grease Without Scrubbing

Spray this Dawn soap directly onto dirty dishes and let the suds cut through the grease instead of scrubbing. Then, just wipe and rinse. This formula works faster and easier than regular dish soap, and it has a pleasant citrus scent.

With This Cleaning Spray, You’ll Never Have To Scrub Your Shower Again

Use this weekly shower spray to clean and stop the build-up of soap scum in your shower or bathtub. All you have to do is spray your bathroom surfaces and rinse the formula off the next day — no scrubbing needed. And it’s a bleach-free cleaner, so it works with a subtle vanilla scent instead of strong fumes.

This Hanging Trash Can Makes Cleaning As You Go Easy

Hang this mini trash can next to your countertop to easily collect kitchen scraps as you work. Its compact size also makes it useful in bathrooms, cars, campers, or RVs. After use, the bin collapses for slim storage.

The Wildly Popular Cleaning Putty That Gets Gunk Out Of Hard-To-Reach Areas

This looks a lot like the slime you played with as a kid, except this putty is designed to pick up dust and crumbs from hard-to-clean areas in your car or office. Just work the jiggly putty into crevices for an easy and fun way to clean your cart’s interior, a keyboard at your desk, cellphone, or TV remote. It’s reusable for several cleanings.

The Beard Bib That Keeps Sinks Clean After A Shave

This clever beard bib collects hair from a shave so it doesn't get everywhere. By catching trimmings from shaving facial hair, this nifty apron prevents clogged pipes and needing to clean your sink after every shave. All you have to do is secure the bib around your neck and adhere the other end to the bathroom mirror with suction cups. Once you’re done, use the bib to dump the shavings directly into the trash.

Mince Garlic In Half The Time With This Rocking Press

This rocking press minces garlic faster than traditional lever presses and is easier to clean. The ergonomic handle and wide surface area of the blade allow cooks to process more garlic in half the time. The unique design of this garlic press will also save time during clean-up, since it’s dishwasher-safe and there are no crevices for bits of garlic to get stuck.

Line Your Fridge With These Mats To Keep It Clean

Instead of scrubbing your fridge shelves periodically, capture debris with these lightweight mats and simply remove and wash them as needed. Prepping your fridge with these liners makes it much easier to maintain a clean refrigerator, and these waterproof mats are also mildew-proof and oil-proof. Plus, they come in three colors so you can even color coordinate the contents of your fridge.

Meal Prep Is Easy With This Portioned Freezing Tray

Freeze perfect portions of stew, soup, and more in this freezing tray with four 1-cup dividers. Just pop a frozen block out of the flexible silicone tray, and you’ll find reheating leftovers is so much easier with this well-designed tray. It also comes with a tight-fitting lid to prevent spills, and it’s dishwasher-safe after each use.

This Air Fryer For Crispy Food Without Getting Your Oven Dirty

Make delicious, crispy food in this air fryer without getting your oven or stovetop greasy. It can grill, roast, and bake, and its compact size cooks food faster, too. Plus, its nonstick pan has a detachable basket that’s dishwasher-safe. Choose from four colors: black, aqua blue, red, or white.

A Brush That Gets All The Lint Out Of Your Dryer Vent

Your dryer will work more effectively after using this flexible brush to get all the lint trapped in your dryer’s vent. This extra-long brush is sturdy to clean deep into the dryer vent and can also pick up dust and pet hair under furniture or behind appliances. One reviewer commented, “I clean my dryer vent after every single use. I was shocked to see all of this come out!”

The Slippers That Make Mopping As Easy As Walking Across Your Floor

Slip into a pair of these mop shoes and have fun gliding across your floors while the microfiber nubs pick up dust, hair, and dirt. It’s so fun it may even convince your kids to help clean the floors. They also fit onto mop heads for washing cars or windows, and you can toss them in the washing machine after each use.

These Burner Protectors That Keep Your Stovetop Clean

Grease and debris inevitably spill over burners, but these burner protectors make the clean-up so much easier. Once the covers get dirty, you can simply wipe them clean or run them through the dishwasher. These reusable and heat-resistant liners are a major upgrade to using aluminum foil to catch grease, and they’ll keep you from scrubbing stubborn stains off the stovetop.

The Mini Food Chopper That Saves Time & Cleans Easily

Here’s a cooking tip: this mini food processor will save you time preparing food and cleaning up. It can chop, dice, and mince vegetables in its 1-cup base faster than a chef’s knife, and you’re much more likely to reach for it than a bulky food processor. Also, its parts are top-rack dishwasher-safe.

A Dishwasher-Safe Vegetable Chopper That Cuts Four Ways

This vegetable chopper comes with four blades that cut produce into a small or large dice, spirals, or ribbons. Best of all? The chopped vegetable pieces fall directly into a collection tray underneath the blade instead of scattering across a cutting board. And when you’re done, just disassemble and pop the pieces into the dishwasher to clean.

A Keuring Cleaner That’s Easy As Brewing A Cup Of Coffee

Plop this K-Cup cleaner into your Keurig machine and hit brew for a quick cleaning cycle that removes residue and stains. Use one cup in the 6-pack about every three months for easy maintenance of your coffee maker. One reviewer commented, “Simple and easy to use. I did notice a difference after the first use.”

The Reusable Silicone Mats That Work Better Than Parchment Paper

Whether you’re baking or roasting, these silicone mats release foods effortlessly and keep stains off of your baking sheets. Each one fits a standard half-sheet pan, works without oil, and is oven safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. They wash easily by hand or in the dishwasher, making them endlessly reusable.

Heat Up More Than Bread With These Reusable Toaster Bags

If you wish you could make grilled cheese or heat up more than bread in your slot-style toaster, these toaster bags do it without making a mess in your toaster. By containing everything in a nonstick and heat-resistant container, you can use a toaster to heat up pizza, chicken nuggets, buttered bread, sausage, and more without losing food to the bottom of the toaster. Plus, you can wash each bag to reuse it up to 100 times.

Use These Tablets — Not A Bottle Brush — To Clean Reusable Bottles & Tumblers

This cleaning tablet removes stains and odors from reusable water bottles without requiring you to scrub or get a bottle brush. Just drop the tablet in a bottle with warm water for up to 30 minutes, let it fizz, and then rinse it out. These also work great for refreshing your favorite coffee tumbler or other tough-to-clean containers.

The Brush With Over 45,000 Reviews That Turns Your Drill Into A Power Scrubber

For a cleaner bathroom while doing less work, attach this brush head to your power drill and let it do the hard scrubbing. The nylon bristles deeply clean bathtubs, sinks, baseboards, and showers without scratching. The kit also includes a flat brush for flat surfaces and a small brush for spot cleaning tight areas.

A Plant-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner That Reduces Fingerprint Stains

This stainless steel cleaner removes smudges, and coconut oil in the plant-based formula helps reduce future fingerprint stains, too. The streak-free finish leaves refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and other stainless steel appliances cleaned and polished. It also works great on outdoor grills.

The Kitchen Gadget You Need To Lift Gunk Off The Microwave

Fill this Angry Mama with vinegar and water, and after a few minutes, it’ll loosen all the caked-on splatters in your microwave. It’ll have done most of the work just by running your microwave, and you’ll be able to simply wipe — instead of scrub — the mess away. This gadget is dishwasher-safe between uses.

A Gel Stamp That Cleans The Toilet Bowl With Every Flush

This citrus toilet gel cleans and refreshes the toilet bowl with each flush, so you can spend less time scrubbing. The gel formula also prevents limescale buildup and unsightly toilet rings. One dispenser holds enough stamps for up to 8 weeks of toilet cleaning.

The Universal Cleaning Sponge To ‘Magically’ Clean Any Surface

Scrub just about any surface clean with this “magic” cleaning sponge. Just wet the sponge and wipe away stains and dirt from surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen. This sponge is thicker and more durable than other similar sponges, and it even works on leather, marble, and steel.

Cut Your Prep Time With This Slicing Mandoline

A mandoline is unmatched for quick and consistent vegetable slices. This one has super-sharp German stainless steel blades for easily slicing through produce, and it comes with a finger guard for safety. With five blades and a knob for adjusting thickness, this one tool makes preparing dinner a breeze by slicing, grating, and shredding.

These Dishwasher-Safe Oven Liners That Catch Messy Spills

Place these nonstick liners in your oven to catch any food that splatters or bubbles over while cooking. Removing and rinsing these liners is a lot easier than scrubbing stuck-on stains on an oven floor. The dishwasher-safe liners work in both gas and electric ovens.

A Glass Popcorn Popper With A Butter-Dispensing Lid

Use this glass microwave popper to easily whip up a simple snack. The cleverly designed lid functions as a measuring tool for the kernels and also holds a pat of butter that melts and distributes evenly into the popping popcorn. It’s made of borosilicate glass that’s heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

A Silicone Colander That Clips Onto Any Pot Or Pan

Strain any pot or pan with this clip-on colander. Its strong-grip clips stay put along a pot’s rounded edge, and its overall smaller size is easy to store. Plus, it’s made of heat-resistant silicone that’s also dishwasher-safe.

This Egg Cooker Makes Boiled Eggs Even Faster

In less than time than it would take on a stovetop, this egg cooker produces up to six boiled eggs. Choose from a soft, medium, or hard boil for your eggs, which reviewers report turn out especially easy to peel using this appliance. And this little machine also poaches, scrambles, or even makes omelets.

Chop Herbs Faster With These Multi-Blade Scissors

These herb scissors make quick work of chopping a bunch of herbs. Its five blades are made of stainless steel of sharp, durable stainless steel. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, and this dishwasher-safe scissor comes with a cleaning comb to get in between blades.

A Microfiber Duster That Extends To Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas

This duster extends up to five feet so it’s easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. The microfiber head rotates and locks in different positions to clean ceiling fans, windowsills, stairs, blinds, baseboards, and more. For smaller jobs, the wand retracts into a handheld size, too. You’ll also love that the dusting head is washable and reusable.

A Freezer-Friendly Press For Consistent Burger Patties

Easily shape meat or other foods into even portions using this burger press. The tray holds eight quarter-pound burger patties. Cook each portioned patty immediately or freeze the batch using the airtight lid to seal them in. The patties pop out easily, even when frozen, and the tray is dishwasher-safe.

This Colander Spoon Scoops & Drains From Hot Pans

Scoop and strain foods in one step with this colander spoon. It’s made of tough nylon that withstands up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can use this spoon to strain cooked pasta, vegetables, or even fried foods. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.

A Compact Blender For Smoothies On The Go

This personal blender is compact and cordless so you can mix smoothies anywhere. The 14-ounce blending jar becomes a portable cup once the travel lid is snapped on. And clean-up is easy since the jar, blades, and lid are dishwasher-safe.

The Handheld Claws That Shred Meat Quickly & Easily

These claws shred chunks of meat much faster and easier than pulling it apart with forks. You can pull apart an entire hunk of pork in just three minutes with these claws. They’re heat-resistant and won’t slip in your hands, and they’re dishwasher-safe.

A Laundry Cheat Sheet That Sticks To The Washer Or Dryer

Keep this laundry cheat sheet at the ready to quickly translate laundry symbols on clothing. It’s magnetic, so the sheet is easy to adhere to the side of your washer or dryer. The sheet also has useful instructions for removing common stains from clothes. Laundry day just got a lot easier.

Turn Vegetables Into Noodles With This Spiralizer

Use this handheld spiralizer to turn zucchini, squash, and more into noodles. Just twist your vegetable into the spiralizer, and the stainless steel blades easily slice through. This spiralizer cuts vegetables into ribbons as thin as spaghetti or as thick as fettuccine.

This Raised Pet Feeder That Contains Spills

If your dog or cat is a messy eater, this raised feeder contains spills and splashes. By elevating the food and water bowl, messes are contained in the tray and water drains into the basin below. Plus, every part of the feeder is dishwasher-safe.

Prepare A Breakfast Sandwich In Minutes Using This One Appliance

Make a breakfast sandwich in five minutes using this sandwich maker. In a few minutes, this one machine cooks your egg, warms your bread and precooked meat, and melts the cheese. Cleaning up is a breeze since all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

An Avocado Tool That Safely Cuts, Pits & Slices

This multi-purpose tool halves an avocado, removes the pit, and slices through the fruit. Using this slicer with a non-slip grip allows you to make avocado toast or guacamole safely and in less time. It’s no wonder this dishwasher-safe tool maintains a 4.7-star rating with over 23,000 reviews.

This Cooking Tool That Simultaneously Chops & Stirs

This cooking tool chops and stirs at the same time, so you can break up ground meat as it browns in a pan. It’s made of heat-resistant nylon that’s safe to use with nonstick cookware and is dishwasher-safe. And its unique design is also useful for chopping boiled eggs, cooked potatoes, canned tomatoes, and more.

This User-Friendly Knife Sharpener With Over 51,000 Reviews

Sharpen your knives with just a few swipes through this sharpener. For stability, it grips the edge of a table or countertop and uses a non-slip base. It’s compact enough to store in a drawer and sharpens knives with both straight and serrated edges.

The Microwave Pasta Cooker That Saves Time & Prevents Messes

This microwave pasta cooker means no longer waiting for water to boil or babysitting it so it doesn’t boil over. Use the container to cook spaghetti in about 12 minutes in the microwave. Then, pop the lid on to strain pasta water into the sink.

This Electric Vegetable Peeler That’s A Fan Favorite

You’ll save time and food with this electric vegetable peeler that removes just the peel in about 10 seconds. The stainless steel blades make quick work of potatoes, but this peeler also works for apples, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. One of more than 9,000 reviewers commented. “We love this thing!!! Best gift ever.”