If You Want Your Home To Look A Lot Better For Under $35, Check Out These 45 Things

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Whether you live in a brand new home or one that’s been passed on generation by generation, there are probably some aesthetic improvements you want to make. It’s not that your house doesn’t look good — it’s just that you want to make it look even better. Whether that means revamping your bedroom with a new bed set or adding a fur rug to the living room, there are products on Amazon that can help. Thankfully, the ones I’ve collected for this list are under $35 — so you can improve the look of your living space without totally going over budget.

Let’s get back to those bed sheets — because in my opinion, a freshly made bed can transform the look of your room. The ones I’ve selected here have over 160,000 five-star reviews (seriously), with so many customers calling them “soft and comfortable.” Oh, and about that rug: If you’re planning on making your TV room look a little better, you can add some faux fur and elevate the ambiance almost instantly. There are even some scratch-repair markers on this list for any wooden surfaces that’ve been nicked, along with some charming string lights to revamp the patio.

Those are just a few things that can help make your home look a little better (again, not because it needs it — because you want it). Scan through your favorites and start adding them to your cart.


These Ever-So-Popular Bed Sheets That’ll Refresh Your Room

Again, these bed sheets have well over 160,000 five start reviews; need I say more? (OK, I will say more.) The set comes with four pieces: two pillowcases, one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet. They’re made with soft polyester and are available in well over 35 colors. Not to mention, they’re stain- and wrinkle-resistant, which will help make your room even better than before.

  • Available sizes: Twin — California King


A Motion-Activated Light That’ll Give Your Room A Subtle Glow

Instead of flipping the switch and experiencing harsh overhead lights at night, install this LED strip underneath your bed. It’ll only turn on when it senses motion (aka when you get up to use the bathroom or have a midnight snack), and it gives off a soothing glow. And thanks to the built-in timer, you can decide how long it stays lit.


The Velvet Throw Pillow Covers That Come In Tons Of Colors

Spruce up your living space with the help of these velvety-soft throw pillow covers. They’re made with durable polyester and feature hidden zippers that won’t get in the way. On top of that, they come in tons of different colors and sizes to match every room in the house.


These Clear Storage Containers To Help Organize Kitchen Clutter

Whether it’s pasta, candy, cereal, or cookies, these clear storage containers can organize whatever’s taking up your kitchen pantry (which, as a result, might help your kitchen look a little better). These are also airtight, and they even include small stickers and chalkboard markers so you can label what’s inside each one.


An Adjustable Makeup Organizer To Tidy Up Your Vanity Space

If you’re anything like me, your makeup is probably thrown across your vanity as a result of rushing around every morning. This cosmetic unit can help organize it all, though, and turn your countertop into a Hollywood-worthy vanity. It’s made of durable acrylic and features adjustable shelves to fit all of your makeup — no matter the size. Plus, the unit rotates 360 degrees.


This Pan Holder That’ll Bring Order To Your Kitchen

If your cabinets are overflowing with pans (or if they’re piled on your stovetop until it’s time to cook again), try this pan rack. It can be screwed into your cabinet to fit vertically or horizontally, and it can hold four or five pans at one time. Not to mention, it’s available in either bronze or chrome — so choose the one that’ll look best in your kitchen.


A Satin-Finished Stainless Steel Bar With Magnets For Utensils, Scissors & More

You can easily put your utensils or art supplies on display with this sleek magnetic bar. It’s made with stainless steel and boasts a stain finish that’ll add style to whichever room you choose to display it in. Not to mention, it’s easy to install and is available in two sizes: 16 inches and 24 inches.


This Fabric Organizer That’ll Make Your Closet Look Like A Clothes Store

This organizer does it all: It dangles under a closet rod like standard hangers would, but it also boasts four large fabric cubbies where you can store clothing, bags, accessories, and more. On top of that, there’s even an extra closet rod built into the bottom that’s perfect for storing clothes if you’re running low on space.


The LED Light Strip That’ll Turn Your TV Room Into A Theater

With the help of these LED light strips, you can easily give your TV room theater vibes. Just apply the strip to the back of the television with the 3M adhesive, and then plug it in via USB. Then, a soothing glow will shine onto the wall and lessen the harsh lighting from the screen.


A Peel & Stick Wallpaper That Looks Like Rustic Wood

Are you trying to achieve that chic, rustic look inside your house? If so, give this peel-and-stick wallpaper a go. It’s designed to look like real wood, but it goes on like a gentle sticker. In fact, it’s so gentle that it shouldn’t cause any paint damage underneath while trying to take it down. It’s also available in neutral- or blue-toned wood panels and is customizable (depending on where you’re putting it).


A 3-Pack Of Flameless Candles That Give Off Realistic Glows

Sure, real candles smell great — but these flameless candles will give you a realistic glow that you can control via remote. In fact, with that remote, you can even set timers to help prevent the batteries from running out too early. These run on AA batteries and can shine for 150 hours each time.


This Thriving Snake Plant That’ll Add Life & Greenery To Your Home

If you’re trying to add some lively greenery to your home, go ahead and place this snake plant somewhere. Yes, it’s alive and thriving — and it comes fully potted in soil. It’s also expected to grow between 4 and 6 inches high, and many customers wrote how it arrived in “perfect condition.”


These Insulated Blackout Curtains That’ll Create A Cozy Atmosphere

Whether you’re an avid afternoon napper or if you prefer a cozy, dim living space, these blackout curtains will help. They can block out up to 99% of UV rays (depending on the color you choose), and they can even help insulate your home throughout the seasons. Choose from various colors and sizes.


This Smart Dimmer Switch That Lets You Customize The Lighting

Thanks to this smart light switch, you can customize the lighting in your home with your voice or phone. After it’s installed, all you have to do is install the corresponding Kasa app or connect it to your smart home system. Then, you’ll be able to dim the lights and create a soothing space that’ll look as great as it feels.


A Soft Faux Fur Area Right That Comes In Different Shapes & Colors

This stylish area rug will transform your living room almost instantly. Not only is it made with soft faux fur, but it’s also available in many different sizes. That way, you can add one to however many rooms you want — regardless of how small or large they are. This rug is also available in over 15 different colors, all of which feel like leather on the bottom.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp That Emits A Calming Amber Glow

Add a sense of calmness to your room with the help of this lamp. It’s made out of Himalayan salt that emits a super soothing amber glow when there’s a bulb inside. The entire rock sits on a wooden base, and it features a dimming switch so you can decide how bright you want it to be.


The Cushioned Ottoman That You Can Store Blankets & Toys In

Whether you’ve got blankets or toys thrown across the TV room floor, this ottoman could be useful. Unlike many other solid ottomans, this one has a hollow center that can be used for storage during quick cleanups. The top is also padded, so it can double as a comfortable foot rest.


A Collage Frame With A Customizable Letter Board In The Middle

This frame takes photo collages up a notch, all thanks to the customizable letter board in the middle. You can change the saying whenever you want to, or even match it up with the surrounding photos. There are eight frames included, but you can choose from different photo configurations to find one that’ll fit your space.


This Stretchy Sofa Cover That’ll Help Protect The Fabric

Whether you’re hoping to protect your sofa fabric or simply add a new color to the room, this couch cover is a good option. It’s stretchy, so it’ll fit snug around your couch cushions. It also features anti-slip foam pieces to help it from moving around, as well as an elastic bottom. Choose from over 25 colors and various different sizes.


A Vintage Remote Control Holder That’s Stylish & Useful

If you’re always losing the TV remotes (same), then this remote holder will be so helpful. Is sits on a swiveling base and can hold various remotes of different sizes. Not to mention, the vintage-inspired faux leather lining will probably make it a statement piece for anyone who enters the room. It’s decorative and useful.


The Woven Storage Basket To Hold Plants, Blankets & More

This woven basket can be used for many things, ranging from holding plants to storing blankets. Since it has handles, it’s easy to carry around the house — and it even comes in five different styles so can mix it up room by room. While it looks sleek on display, it’s easy to fold up and store when it’s not in use.


A Sleek Corner Shelf That Doesn’t Take Up Too Much Space

Not only is this corner shelf decorative, but it’s also extremely useful. Since it’s made with PVC (and not wood), it’s both moisture-proof and waterproof — so it can be used in the bathroom without a worry. It boasts three generously sized shelves that can hold different items on display, and it comes in black, brown, and white.


This Customizable Shelving Unit Made With Bamboo & Stainless Steel

Unlike many other countertop display units, this one is adjustable — so you can move the shelves around depending on the space you’re using it in. The shelves are made with bamboo, and the durable legs are made with stainless steel. This one also includes side hooks where you can hang utensils, scissors, and more.


The Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain Liner That’ll Upgrade Your Bathroom

If your current shower curtain is worn out, try using this one. Since it’s made with PEVA material, it’s both mildew resistant and anti-microbial. (In other words, it’ll stay fresher for longer.) It currently has over 103,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and many customers wrote about how it’s the “best shower liner.” Choose from clear or frosted.


These Mason Jars That Are Filled With Soothing Fairy Lights

These mason jars cover all the bases when it comes to wall decor: They’re displayed on rustic pieces of wood that have built-in yarn for installation, and they’re filled with both fairy lights and charming faux flowers. The lights can be set on a timer, and the entire pieces come in two sizes: medium and large.


These Cute Wooden Shelves That Are Easy To Install

This set of wooden shelves adds just enough storage and visual interest to that blank wall in your home. The three shelves feature modern metal brackets that can be installed underneath or atop the wood for two different looks. Plus, each sturdy shelf has a weight limit of 40 pounds. Dozens of reviewers report they’re super easy to install, and one shopper did so with the help of a toddler, “If a 4-year-old can do it, you can do it too!”


The Markers That Make Scratches & Scuffs In Wood Instantly Disappear

Use these furniture repair markers to instantly fill in scuffs and scratches in wooden furniture. The set includes six wood finishes — maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and espresso — and they can even be combined if needed. The markers also work well to restore hardwood or laminate flooring and cabinets.


These Under-Cabinet Mug Holders That Save Space

Free up some room in your cabinet with this under-cabinet rack. Just slide it over a shelf, and the hooks hold up to 10 small cups and six large coffee mugs. The stainless steel rack is sturdy, durable, and gives your mug collection a tidy home.


A Magnetic Shelf Rack For Extra Kitchen Storage & Space

Free up your countertops with this organizer that attaches to the side of the fridge. The shelves fit spices, a utensil holder, cooking oils, and more. The bar on the bottom can hold dish towels or a roll of paper towels, and hooks on the side can hold smaller items, like bottle openers. Plus, it’s magnetic, so installation is a breeze.


This Entryway Organizer For Your Keys & Mail

For a tidy entryway with everything in its place, you need this organizer. The ledge holds your daily mail, and the five hooks make it easy to find your keys. The gray wood finish is neutral enough to fit right into most spaces, and reviewers report it’s easy to install.


These Thick, Plush Bath Mats For A Bathroom Upgrade

Everyday luxuries make for the most notable upgrades and these plush bath mats immediately take your bathroom up a notch. They’re made of soft microfiber that’s super soft, comfortable, and highly absorbent. Non-slip rubber backing keeps each of the three mats in place, and they’re conveniently machine-washable. Choose from more than a dozen colors to match your decor, including gray, cream, and blue.


This Stylish Blanket That’s Soft & Lightweight

Spruce up your couch simply by draping this pom pom blanket over it. The tassels add stylish flair, and the vibrant yellow hue adds a welcome pop of color. The soft fleece blanket is lightweight enough to use all year, and it’s conveniently machine-washable. It’d also look great as a throw blanket over a bed.


The Organizer That Creates A Coffee Station

Fill this organizer with your favorite coffee accessories and set it down next to your coffee maker for a neat coffee station. The caddy’s seven compartments hold creamers, sugar, and to-go cups. Plus, the open design makes it easy to see when you’re running low on your favorite must-haves for your morning cup.


This Set Of Modern Hanging Mirrors To Update Any Wall

Add a unique and luxe element to your decor with this set of diamond-shaped mirrors. Their geometric shape feels modern, and the gold frames fit right in with contemporary decor. Each mirror will reflect just enough light to add visual interest to a bare wall in a living room, bedroom, entryway, or office.


A Set Of Geometric Organizers For Magazines & Files

Store the latest issue of your favorite magazine and any stray papers or letters in these geometric organizers. These triangle-shaped file sorters will sort your mail in style and keep your workspace or entryway much neater. They’re made of sturdy wrought iron and come in four colors: rose gold, gold, black, and white.


Define Your WFH Space With This Sleek, Non-Slip Desk Pad

Slip this desk pad underneath all your computer accessories for a workspace that’s instantly more polished. It’s slim and stays put with non-slip backing. The faux leather finish looks elegant and is smooth, waterproof, heatproof, and easy to clean. Choose from more than a dozen colors, including neutrals and bold shades, to match your style. This one is a fan favorite with an impressive 4.8-star rating and over 14,000 reviews.


These Covers That Dim The Bright LED Lights on Electronics

Cut the visual noise in your home with these covers that dim lights emitted by electronics. Each cover acts like sunglasses to dim LED lights on electronics by 50 to 80%. All you have to do is peel and stick a cover over the too-bright light on any appliance in your kitchen, bedroom, or car. The covers won’t leave behind a sticky residue when removed.


These Motion-Sensored Night Lights With A Gentle Glow

Even after nighttime feedings are long gone, a path of night lights proves useful to avoid stumbling around your home. These plug-in lights turn on only when you need them, and the sensor will switch them on when they detect movement within 9 to 15 feet. They emit a warm white light that’s just enough to see without disturbing anyone who may still be asleep.


These Waterproof String Lights That Instantly Make An Outdoor Space

These string lights are the finishing touch your outdoor space needs. The warm white glow of the orbs add coziness but also illuminate your patio, balcony, or yard. These waterproof lights are also dimmable, so you can adjust the brightness as needed. No wonder these are a consistent favorite with over 30,000 reviews.


These Outdoor Pillows That Make Any Chair or Sofa Instantly Cozier

No patio or backyard seating setup is complete without outdoor pillows. This set brings four fluffy inserts that are resistant to water, dust, mites, and mildew. They’ll add welcome cushioning to any chair or sofa, and offer an opportunity for a splash of pattern or color with a pretty pillowcase. Reviewers rave about the fluffiness of these outdoor pillows.


An All-In-One Tool To Repair Small Holes

This clever tube contains everything you need to easily fill small holes in walls. Repairs are much quicker and easier, since this tube holds primer-enhanced spackle and works as a putty knife and sanding pad. The formula works is designed for indoor repairs on plaster, drywall, stucco, and wood. You’ll have smooth, filled walls in no time.


The Rug Grippers That Keep Your Rug Flat & In Place

Say goodbye to rumpled rugs with these grippers that keep the corners firmly in place. When pressure is applied, the non-slip square suctions to the floor so the rug stays secure. Place one in each corner underneath your rug or mat. And though they keep your rug in place, these grippers are easy to remove whenever needed.


The Wallpaper That Makes Any Surface Elegantly Marbled

Use this peel-and-stick wallpaper to turn any table or countertop into a very realistic marble surface. The contact wallpaper is waterproof and oilproof, and it’s easy to apply for an affordable upgrade. The matte finish makes it look more like real marble than other alternatives. It could even spruce up a bookcase or wall.


These Mini String Lights That Recycle Bottles Into Decor

Fill you empty glass bottles with these mini string lights for instant and totally affordable ambience. The LED bulbs give off a warm white glow and won’t cause glass to heat up. They’re battery-powered and easy to set up for any holiday, party, or other special occasion. Some reviewers even used them inside wine bottles for centerpieces at a wedding reception.


A Faux Leather Pouf Cover That’ll Instantly Renew Your Ottoman

This pouf cover can add a new look to your foot stool or ottoman. And at this price, this versatile piece of furniture is a steal. All you need to do is fill the pouf cover with old clothes or stuffed animals to give it shape. The faux leather finish elevates your space, and you can choose from eight colors, including brown and blue.

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