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These 16 Instagram Captions Cover Every Kind of Zoom Christmas Morning

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Christmas is coming and you know what that means? Prepare to see a bunch of Instagram posts of people on Zoom with their families on Christmas morning. Given the pandemic and calls for continued social distancing, most of us won’t be celebrating with a huge pack of our nearest or dearest. Instead, we’ll likely turn to the platform that’s dominated virtual relationships this year: Zoom. But how can you differentiate or add some holiday flavor to your obligatory Zoom Instagram family post? These 16 Instagram captions for Zoom Christmas morning, that's how.

And puns are the way to go. The dad jokes of the comedy world, puns are really the perfect way to summarize the strangest holiday season in many of our lifetimes. So embrace these silly turns of phrase or use one to inspire your own original comment. (Feel free to go heavy on the holiday tropes theme). Add a little morning mimosa and the wackiness that is seeing your great uncle Harold in his bathrobe at 10 a.m. on Christmas morning in a Zoom frame and we’re sure you can come up with your own unique caption fodder. But until that moment of inspiration (perhaps it will be when your Mom and her sisters launch into their harmonized take on Bing Crosby’s “Snow” or when your little sister signs on clearly hungover), here are some ideas to get your caption copy percolating.


Quarantini, Anyone?

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It's a caption that subtly says: Even if we're only together around a virtual Christmas tree, my family still drives me to drink.


Be There With Bells On

This goes out to all the holiday fanatics who love nothing more than donning a good Santa hat — jingle bell-topped, of course — and bringing a cheerleader level of enthusiasm to the family Zoom gathering. During this pandemic season, you are the real heroes.


Resting Grinch Face

Did Aunt Ida schedule the Christmas Zoom call before your morning coffee? Then this caption might be appropriate.


Feeling Pine and Dandy

This Insta caption is especially on point for those who apply the "go big or go home" mentality to their Christmas tree selection. Got a giant evergreen as your Zoom background? Use this.


Treat Yo Elf

Ideal for the big spender who decided to splurge on themselves this year, this caption speaks to families whose Zoom pic showcases mountains of presents behind them.


Snow Joke, We All Made The Zoom On Time

Appropriate for the fam who is always just a few minutes late, this caption says that for Christmas you'll make time to make time.


They Sleigh Me

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Y'all, the word "sleigh" is ripe for Insta Christmas morning captions. Just think of the possibilities. Really, this caption is just a jumping off point.


Making it Rein

Instead of dollars you could throw fake snowflakes on your Zoom call and then use this caption on your post. I mean, you could.


All The Jingle Ladies, All The Jingle Ladies


If you have a ton of sisters or aunties, what caption could be more appropriate?


Joy To These Girls

So sad to be away from your nieces? Show them some love with this ode to a classic Christmas carol.


Feliz Naughty Dog

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OK, I can't claim this one. I saw it on Country Living, but isn't it great, especially if you have a pup who may have gotten into the wrapping a little too early?


All Spruced Up

Get it? Because Christmas trees can be spruces?


It’s The Most Wine-Derful TIme Of The Year

For the fam who pops some corks the minute the stockings are emptied, this one is for you.


Birch, Please!

The perfect caption for when you screen shot your cousin's "way what?!" face at the exact right moment.




Ten bucks says someone proposes over a family Christmas Zoom call. For that, this caption is brrr-illiant.


Yule Be Sorry

Throw this caption up when your brother clowns you in front of the entire family on Zoom.