Baby boy eats donuts but is Dunkin' open on Christmas 2022?
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Is Dunkin’ Open on Christmas? You Just Might Need To Know

Just in case you need a donut.

Is Dunkin’ open on Christmas? I was surprised to find that I was invested in this question. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and was a Starbucks loyalist for most of my life. But after over a decade on the East coast, I’ve come to appreciate Dunkin’ as well — nothing hits the spot on a road trip like a giant hot coffee in a Dunkin’ cup. If you’re traveling right around Christmas, or just hankering for a donut or breakfast wrap on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 2022, you’ll want to know the answer to the crucial question of Dunkin’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day hours. Christmas prep is exhausting, and even if you’re Mariah Carey, you might be too tired from making Christmas magic to even enjoy the day without a large amount of coffee. So ,the last thing you need is to pull into your trusty drive through and find it closed. What’s the story with Dunkin’ and their holiday hours?

Is Dunkin’ open on Christmas Eve 2022?

The Dunkin’ near you is likely to be open on Christmas Eve, but you’ll want to confirm with the mobile app, a Dunkin’ spokesperson says. “While many Dunkin’ locations will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we encourage our guests to check the Dunkin' Mobile App to confirm if their local store is open before visiting,” says Megan Eisengart, an account executive with Dunkin’s public relations team.

Is Dunkin’ open on Christmas Day 2022?

Dunkin’s Christmas Day hours are similarly location-dependent. You may have to look on your mobile app to go the store that’s a little further away, but if you’re in many East coast cities, there’s likely to be a Dunkin’ every few blocks. So it seems likely that you’ll be able to get your fix without traveling too far from home, even on Christmas Day.

Dunkin’s mobile app will show you all the open Dunkin’s within a 50 mile radius, so if you can’t rest on Christmas without a Caramel Craze Signature Latte, you’re probably going to be able to find one.