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Shop Early, Because Kroger's Thanksgiving Day Hours Will Vary

Better double check how many cans of cranberry sauce you have.

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I’ve gotten dinner prep down to a science on any given weeknight, but planning an entire Thanksgiving meal is a very different ordeal. Even my list-making self is bound to forget an ingredient or two when planning the feast to end all feasts. Knowing if Kroger is open Thanksgiving 2021 or not will be key to making sure that my family’s Turkey Day goes as planned.

If you find yourself in a similar boat and need to make a quick run to pick up a forgotten can of cream of mushroom soup so that you can complete your traditional green bean casserole recipe and save Thanksgiving, have no fear. Your local Kroger store will be open, but timing your trip just right will be key. The grocer will follow the precedent set in past years, and their stores will run reduced hours on Nov. 25. This way, no home chef has to admit defeat, even if they hit a snag on the day of.

“Kroger’s family of stores are open on Thanksgiving, with most locations closing between 2 to 6 p.m. local time,” Kristal Howard, Head of Media Relations and Corporate Communications for Kroger, tells Romper via email. “Customers should consult with their local store for operating hours.”

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This is also great news for anyone out there who wants to take it easy on the big day and simply pick up one of Kroger’s ready-made holidays meals to celebrate. Select stores give customers the ability to place an order for turkey, traditional sides, deli appetizers, desserts, and more ahead of Thanksgiving. Shoppers can place their orders for fresh and frozen turkeys from Kroger starting Nov. 11. Even if you prefer to DIY your Thanksgiving dinner spread, Kroger has your back with plenty of recipe inspiration, shopping schedules, menu checklists, and more on their website so that you can plan a festive feast to impress your family.

If you do find yourself in a bind way past time to brine your bird, know that you can likely head to Kroger for any last-minute needs on Thanksgiving Day. Just be sure to call your local store before you head out, lest you find yourself parked in front of doors that have closed earlier than you expected.

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