Labor Day

The Publix Labor Day hours for 2022 ensure you can grab whatever you need.
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What You Need To Know About Labor Day Hours At Publix

Need a last-minute pub sub on Labor Day? Publix has got you covered.

What better way to celebrate the American labor movement than a Labor Day barbecue, am I right? Use that hard-earned money to buy meat and veggies to throw on the grill, delicious baked goods to indulge in and share, and some cold beverages to enjoy. But you’re in luck if you forget something. While Labor Day is a day many employees are off from work, the majorly loved Publix will be there for all your Labor Day needs with its holiday hours.

What are Publix’s Labor Day 2022 hours?

Publix is indeed open on Labor Day, according to a Publix associate Romper spoke with on the phone. So luckily for you, if you forgot the cupcakes or even the bug spray for your big backyard barbecue, you won’t be scrambling to find somewhere that’s open. The only thing to consider is that some Publix pharmacies inside the retailer may not be open on Labor Day or may work restricted hours, so be sure to call ahead to your local store if you need more details.

And not all Publix locations have the same operating hours in general, so it’s best to do a little research if you have a specific time frame you need to fit your shopping into.

Shop Labor Day deals at Publix

Publix always has scrumptious party platters available for any occasion, and Labor Day is no different. So if you’re not up for doing any type of work on this day of celebrating hard work, then a platter from Publix may be the way to go. You can order ahead charcuterie platters with just 24 hours notice, even during Labor Day weekend. Or if you’re feeling like a sub, they have premade sub platters for you to purchase or even a sub sandwich ring. And don’t forget about the infamous fried chicken at Publix.

Check your local store’s weekly ad to find what Labor Day deals are happening. There are usually some good ones focused on the holiday happening, so you’re sure to get some BBQ deals and maybe even some end-of-summer watermelon and drinks.