Publix’s Memorial Day 2021 Hours

They’re convenient for shoppers who’ll find tons of special deals

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Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, it’s no wonder so many people love to celebrate the day with an outdoor gathering. If you’re hosting this year you’ll need to stock up on some summertime food, which begs the question, is Publix open on Memorial Day? Even with all of the planning in the world, chances are high you’ll need to pick up something last-minute and you don’t want to waste time driving to the store only to find it closed.

Memorial Day 2021 Hours

Luckily, that won’t be the case if you head over to Publix this Memorial Day because stores will be open and operating on their regular schedules, a representative tells Romper in an email. Most stores across the country tend to have similar hours; however, they can vary slightly from location to location so you’ll want to be sure to double check your store’s specific hours before heading over. Even better, you might want to call to confirm they’re open just in case something unexpectedly changes. You can find your store and its hours using the Publix store locator online.

Memorial Day Deals

If you’re hosting, or responsible for bringing a dish to someone else’s gathering, you can save quite a bit on key ingredients thanks to Publix’s weekly deals which run from May 26 through June 1. Pick up some pre-cut red seedless watermelon chunks or a couple of bags of Lays potato chips with the store’s buy one get one free deals. For the main course, pick up some center-cut ribs for $3.99/lb or have Publix prepare their gourmet burgers for you, which include bacon, fried onion, and a variety of other custom options for $6.49/lb. Not to mention, there are plenty of sales on beer and wine if you need to stock up before the party. Check out the Publix site for your local store’s weekly deals.

Whether you’re planning a big gathering with friends and family or it’s just you and your immediate family, if you realize you need to make a grocery run on Memorial Day, you can count on Publix to be open.

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