Minimalist, chic red, white, and blue fourth of july nail art design idea for July 4
Beautiful Red, White, & Blue Nail Art Inspo For The Fourth

These bold, bright nail art ideas will make you feel red, white, and beautiful.

One of the best things about the Fourth of July is how over-the-top it can be: the flag-inspired desserts, the red, white, and blue cocktails, the hot dog eating contests... So if we have all these outrageously fun Independence Day traditions, why not get a little extravagant with your nails as well? Here’s a roundup of July 4th nail art ideas that range from flashy and fun to simple and sleek. No matter what design or vibe you choose, you’ll love rocking these red, white, and blue designs on Independence Day.

Don’t be intimidated by the intricate designs on these nails. There are tools, stickers, and specific colors recommended throughout this article to help you find the easiest ways to have the best-looking nails — without the assistance of a nail technician. However, if you feel like you lack the skills or the time for that kind of design, you can always bring your favorite to a nail salon and ask them to replicate it or a similar style. But if you’re anything like me, you will probably end up using these suggestions for inspiration but do something a little more your speed.

So after you figure out what food to bring to the cookout and the outfit you’re going to wear, have fun with these Fourth of July nail art designs.


An *Independent* accent nail


If you love the look of accent nails on an otherwise simple manicure, this Fourth of July nail design idea is perfect for you. Choose one finger to host your accent nail and paint the others a solid red (or white or blue). These nail art brushes, which come in different sizes, are perfect for creating the brushstrokes on the patterned nail.


A “less is more” approach to 4th of July colors


If you’re going for something original, this is it — who would have thought only painting about half of the nail would be the perfect design?


Starry nails

Foap AB/foap/Getty Images

This nail design can really be pulled off on any length — plus they’ll have you feeling like Wonder Woman. If hand-painting white stars feels a little too daunting, then opt for nail decals instead.


Flags for shorter nails

Foap AB/foap/Getty Images

With a white manicure pen with a fine tip, and a really steady hand, you can achieve these adorable flag nail design for the Fourth of July. Start with a red base, paint one quadrant in blue, and use the finely-pointed pen for the white stripes and stars details.


Matte polka dots


If matte nails are more your speed, these ones are so cute for July 4th. The polka dots can be designed using a dotting tool or toothpick.


Red, white, and blue swirl


Starting out strong with some red, white, and blue stripes that swirl the edges differently on each nail. These nail art liners from Amazon would be a helpful tool to achieve this look.


Simple stars

@wildflowernails.bycaroline on Instagram

These cream-colored, starry nails are a simpler design for those who are looking for a little more neutral, but still want to feel a little patriotic. Instead of red, white, and blue polishes, this one calls for white and a very light grey. The best way to do the star design would be to grab a pack of star nail stickers.


Summer-y almond-shaped nails

@wildflowernails.bycaroline on Instagram

OK, the details on these are giving summer, Independence Day, and picnic vibes all at once. If your Fourth of July celebration involves eating outdoors, this is the perfect nail design for you. Essie’s Ripple Effect blue and Geometric Electric red are affordable and vibrant options to include in your toolkit.


Fun with flags and fireworks

@nailartbysofia on Instagram

These Fourth of July nails that combine firecrackers and flags just scream Happy Independence Day!


Home run nails

@nailartbysofia on Instagram

If you’re looking for a Fourth of July nail design that’s a total home run, you’ll love these nails that incorporate the stars and stripes of the flag, but also baseball, aka America’s sport. Make sure to wait till your nails are dry before applying the stickers and designs.


Classic nails with a twist

@nailartbysofia on Instagram

Long, almond-shaped nails are still trendy and perfect for this kind of simple yet festive Fourth of July nail design.


Firecracker frenzy nails

@bomb.beauty_ on Instagram

The designs on these nails look like firecracker bursts and will add some sparkle to your Fourth of July ‘fit.


subtle starry blue nails

mikroman6/Moment/Getty Images

Here’s another simple Fourth of July nail design that incorporates both stars and the color blue. These are great if you’re planning on keeping your nails post-Fourth celebrations and want them to match other outfits. Try using these star stickers for the accent nails.


Red, white, and blue flowers

Nicole Muhlgraber Reynolds, @nailsandhairbynicolereynolds on Instagram

This red, white, and blue flower nail design is perfect if you want to embrace the colors of Independence Day, but don’t want to actually rock a flag motif on your hands. These nails will add a bold pop of color to your outfits for the whole week.

Whichever Fourth of July nail design you choose to do, you’re going to look fabulous. For more Fourth of July fun, check out these articles on crafts for the kids that are so easy, they can do them unsupervised while you paint your nails and wait for them to dry.