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10 Kama Sutra Positions To Help Mix Things Up In The Bedroom

Practice makes perfect.

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We all have our favorite go-to positions in bed, but every now and then it’s nice to add a little variety to your sex life. One of the easiest ways to do this is by mixing some new Kama Sutra positions into your routine. Trying out new positions is sure to add a little extra spark, because the best-case scenario is you end up finding something you both love, and the worst-case scenario is you have a good laugh with your partner when you can’t figure out how in the world to get the position just right.

If you’re unaware, the Kama Sutra is an ancient book that was originally written in Sanskrit and basically served as a how-to for dating, marriage, romance, and pleasure. Since it was written so long ago, a lot of the content is problematic in today’s culture, however, the book also includes an illustrated list of 64 sex positions that are ideal for pleasure, and they’re just as enjoyable today as they were back then. And, while the Kama Sutra is illustrated featuring male-female relationships, a lot of the positions can be enjoyed by any couple with some minor modifications or the use of toys.

Over the years, the Kama Sutra positions guide has become so popular that people have added (unofficially) more and more positions to it. By now, all you have to do is a quick Google search and you’ll easily find more than 100 positions to try out. Still, there are only 64 positions that are truly from the OG Kama Sutra, and some stand out more than others. So, if you’re looking to change things up in the bedroom, here are some new positions to try, ranked from easy to difficult.


Easy: Piditaka

This position is intimate, comfortable, and isn’t terribly complicated. To do it, the receiving partner should lay on their back and pull their knees up to their chest. The penetrating partner will kneel in front, with their knees straddling their partner’s hips before lifting them to rest on their thighs to enter. The person on the bottom will then press their toes to their partner’s chest. For added stability, the person on the bottom can use a pillow to help lift their hips and hold on to their partner’s arms or shoulders.


Easy: Veshititaka

This position is good for those days when you and your partner are both really tired, but could still go for a little sex. To do it, you’ll both lay on your sides, facing each other, and the receiving partner will cross one leg over the other. The penetrating partner will then enter and start thrusting. There’s not much to this position, but it’ll get the job done.


Easy: Dhenuka

You may know it as “doggy style,” but the Kama Sutra refers to it as “the cow.” So, that’s fun. Horrible names aside, though, this position is a classic because it’s easy and enjoyable. To do it, the receiving partner gets down on their hands and knees and arches their back so that their butt is pointing a little more upward.* The penetrating partner then enters from behind. At this point, the penetrating partner can thrust or the receiving partner can move back and forward, or it can be a combination of both.

*When you’re trying to get that arch just right, think of “cow” position in yoga. Which, incidentally, helps explain “the cow” name for this Kama Sutra position.


Intermediate: Virsha

Varsha is more commonly known as reverse cowgirl, and while it seems like a simple enough position, it does require some patience and trial and error to get it just right (there are some important angles involved). First, the penetrating partner lays down flat on their back, then the receiving partner straddles them on top, facing their partner’s ankles. They’ll lower down for entry, then bend forward and grab their partner’s ankles before they get going. To make this a little easier, the person on top can skip leaning forward or the person on the bottom can hold their partner’s hips to help them find the right angle and rhythm.


Intermediate: Jrimbhitaka

For anyone who enjoys deep penetration, Jrimbhitaka is the position for you. The receiving partner will lay on their back and then lift their legs up over their partner’s shoulders. When doing this, the joint of the knee should be aligned with the shoulder. The penetrating partner will enter and then bend forward, placing their hands on the outsides of the other person’s hips. This position will feel really good if it’s done right, but it can be difficult for partners who are very different in size. For something a little easier, or if you need less intensity, have the receiving partner lay on the edge of the bed and the penetrating partner stand instead of leaning forward.


Intermediate: Shulachitaka

It’s not so much the position itself that requires skill here, but rather the coordination involved in doing it right. The receiving partner will lay on their back and the penetrating partner will kneel in front of them. The person on the bottom will then lift one leg up onto their partner’s shoulder and then point the other one out horizontally. Then, the receiving partner will switch their leg’s positions, alternating between up on the shoulder or pointing out, periodically throughout intercourse. Honestly, if you’re on the bottom, don’t be surprised if you kick your partner in the head a few times.


Intermediate-Difficult: Utphallaka

For the penetrating partner, this position (also known as “blossoming”) is easy-peasy, but the receiving partner will need a little bit of core strength and stamina to make it work. First, the receiving partner lays down flat, then the penetrating partner scooches up close in a kneeling position (sitting back on their feet). The receiving partner will then lift their hips up on to their partner’s thighs, making sure they’re lifted higher than their head (think bridge pose in yoga) before their partner enters them. At first, this position doesn’t sound so bad for the person on the bottom, but after a few minutes of holding the pose, there’s a good chance they’ll start to feel the burn from their thighs to their core.


Intermediate-Difficult: Padmasana

Sometimes called “lotus,” Padmasana is one of those kama sutra positions that is difficult simply because it’s a bit awkward. Getting into the position should be a breeze, it’s going from there that can be tricky. To do it, the penetrating partner sits on the ground cross-legged, then the receiving partner sits on their lap and wraps their legs around their back. It’s super intimate, but definitely not a position for any couple that likes to go hard and fast. In fact, if you’re a female, you may find more pleasure in simply grinding up and down to get outer stimulation than trying to bounce.


Intermediate-Difficult: Sammukha

For partners with a significant height difference, this position may be tough to do, and even without a height difference, it will require some strength and balance. To make it work, the receiving partner backs up against a wall and spreads their legs wide (which will bring them further down towards the ground, making them stand shorter than they normally would). From there, the penetrating partner braces themself against the wall and enters (meaning they may need to kneel down to get the right angle). To make it easier, have the receiving partner stand on something to add height, or they can wrap a leg around one of the penetrating partner’s legs for a little added stability.


Difficult: Indranika

It’s probably going to take a little bit of practice to get this Kama Sutra position just right, but once you get it down, you may really enjoy it. One important note, this position is meant for a receiving partner with a vagina.

First, the receiving partner will lay flat on their back and spread their legs so that the penetrating partner can then lift them up to their hips (the person on the bottom shouldn’t wrap their legs around their partner, they should be up at their sides). Now, here’s where it gets tricky, the penetrating partner will then wrap their thighs around the other person and then use their hands to open the vagina before entering and penetrating. You may end up feeling like human pretzels here, but with a good sense of humor, you’ll be able to master it in no time.

This is just an introduction to the many different Kama Sutra positions that are worth trying out, but one step at a time, right? Remember that the purpose of trying new positions is to make sex more pleasurable, so go through this list at your own pace, and put your focus on enjoying the process, not on perfecting every position.

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