The Kid Trax USPS Mail Delivery Truck is so cute.
Kid Trax

This USPS Mail Delivery Truck Ride-On Is A Tribute To Actual Heroes

Because there’s nothing more joyful than a mail person delivering something just for you.

Our USPS mail delivery person is one of our family’s favorite people. He is one of those USPS employees that smiles a giant smile when he sees us, will walk our mail up the driveway if we’re outside doing sidewalk chalk and watering the flowers, and one Christmas season, he knocked on our front door in the middle of the day to tell me he was delivering a Barbie DreamHouse and wanted to make sure my two little girls weren’t around to see the package.

He is a gem. And during the pandemic, all of our mail carriers and delivery persons became lifelines. They delivered items we needed to keep our kids entertained, they delivered items we needed to survive, and they delivered letters and cards to keep people connected. My own 6-year-old had several penpals, and during such a scary uncertain time, it was a joy to know our mailman was going to bring something wonderful for her.

Kid Trax is paying tribute to these frontline workers with their newest ride-on toy: a USPS Mail Delivery Truck. And it is every bit as perfect as it sounds.

Kid Trax actually collaborated with the United States Postal Service to release this truck, which features a mail slot, an opening rear door, working headlights, and working horn (this will be one of your child’s favorite features, trust me). To make the world of pretend even more realistic, with the truck comes a stand-alone mailbox and three plastic envelopes. When I tell you “playing mail” has become the highlight of my toddler’s day, I mean it. We set the mailbox up at the end of the driveway, she drives down to deliver the mail, and then I walk by to go “check the mailbox.” The fun starts all over when I give her back the envelopes and ask her to deliver them for me.

(Also, if your toddler insists on carrying the mail “ALL BY MYSELF, MAMA” and drops an envelope with every step up the driveway, encouraging them to put the letters in their truck and drive it to the front door is a nice parenting hack.)

Kid Trax

The USPS Mail Delivery Truck also comes with an FM radio/MP3 player input and goes like a standard ride-on toy with a foot pedal (up to 2 miles per hour). The truck is designed for kids ages 3 to 5, but my 6-year-old has been known to hop in for a ride, too. (The toy can hold up to 60 pounds.) There’s also a rechargeable battery which is super easy to pop in and out for charging. The truck retails for $229, and will be available through Amazon and on July 13. (Bonus: it was not as difficult to put together as I anticipated, which is always a parent win.)

Look, ride-on toys are nothing new, but the realistic details of this mail truck are pretty perfect. Both of my kids are always so excited to “run and check the mail” and know our mailman well. I feel like this toy both introduces them to a world they’ve noticed a very small part of — the USPS — and is both fun and a learning opportunity. We talk about the mail, how it works, why it’s important, and the thrill everyone gets when something special lands in their mailbox. Plus, now I’m hoping my toddler will dress as a mail person for Halloween so we can have the coolest costume in the world.

In addition to the electric ride-on, Kid Trax will also launch the USPS Post Office Tent, which features a roll-up front door, window, and rear dock loading door. Kids can slide letters through the collection box into the tent, and then they can be gathered up for delivery. The tent will retail for $44 and is also available on July 13.

Kid Trax is also partnering with a TikTok influencer named ‘Mailman of the Century’ for this sweet toy. The mail carrier’s name is Ian Simon, and during the long months of COVID, he had his own tiny fan club with 3-year-old Ava, who watched for him everyday through the window. Ian would dance for her, bringing more than just Amazon packages and letters to her home — he brought a whole lot of joy.

That’s pretty much what the USPS is all about. Nobody can tell me they don’t get a thrill out of a stack of Christmas cards or a new bathing suit or hearing the mail truck slow down outside your house because he’s got to walk a big box up to your door. It is simple, pure, and feels super nostalgic. Wave to your mail person or delivery driver next time you see them. Remind your kids why they are so important. And then grab this Kid Trax USPS Mail Delivery Truck when it’s available. Because there’s nothing better than pretending to be a hero.