11 Cute Menorahs For Kids

From dinosaurs to crayons.

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Hanukkah is already a pretty great holiday for kids — as a kid who grew up celebrating Christmas, I was always super jealous of those who got eight whole nights of presents. If any of my friends had had a kids’ menorah with in the shape of a dinosaur or with ice cream candles, I might have really decided to give up on Christmas altogether. While the traditional menorah is beautiful, you might not know is that there’s now a wealth of kids’ menorahs on the market that will get your kids just as excited about the lighting the candles as they are about opening gifts, watching episodes of kids’ TV shows that feature Hanukkah or singing Hanukkah songs.

Of course, kids and matches aren’t a great mix, but with some adult guidance and supervision, these super-cute menorahs for kids will make your kids smile, not to mention look adorable as a seasonal decoration for your home. For really young kids, there’s some options that don’t even involve lighting a flame. Some can even be personalized with your kid’s name to make them feel extra-special. Whatever you pick, your kids are sure to have warm memories of their time singing and celebrating around the menorah.


A fabric menorah for those too little to light candles for real

If you have a toddler who desperately wants to grab at fire (like most toddlers do) this menorah might be a safe choice this year. This hanging wall decoration has pockets for the felt blue candles, which are embroidered with gold on top. Even the littlest hands will be able to get these candles in and out of the pockets, all to prepare for when they’re old enough to light the real one. For an extra $12.00, you can get it personalized with your child’s name up to nine characters. Personalized menorahs ship in 5-7 business days whereas the standard ones are available for store pickup.


A design-your-own option for a kid with her own menorah vision

Kids are instantly more invested in something when they’ve had a hand in its creation, and this cute menorah doubles as its own Hanukkah activity. This ceramic menorah comes with pots of paint in six different colors, and lots of stickers so that your little artist can really show off their creativity. You could keep it forever, or get a new one each year so that you can see the progress in their artistic abilities. It also comes with an activity booklet that will teach kids about Hanukkah and turn this into a solid afternoon of crafting.


A roaring T-Rex who will stomp his way through the holiday

Lots of kids go through a dinosaur phase at some point, and if your kid is in the midst of one, this fierce-looking dino might delight them. He’s painted a bold gold color, and certainly looks way different than the traditional menorah. It’s made of solid plastic and affixed to a plastic base, but the gold finish makes it look fancy. It will delight a kid who wants an off-beat and slightly scary looking menorah.


A rainbow of crayons that will light up the night

These ceramic crayons look good without candles in them, but it really takes it to the next level that you can match the colors of the crayons with the colors of the candles — or mix and match if you want to be rebellious. This is a really cute choice for younger kids who will be familiar with crayons but less familiar with what a menorah is. Each bold-colored crayon wishes the one who lights it a happy Hanukkah.


A menorah that looks good enough to eat

This kids’ menorah is just deliciously cute. For every candle, there’s a colorful and realistic looking ice cream that little kids might have to lick just to make sure it’s not real. Some have toppings like chocolate sauce and some have sprinkles, just to add to the realism. Of course, the shamash is a double-scoop cone to make it stand tall above the rest. The ice cream material is made of resin and the candle holders are reinforced with silver.


Personalized name menorahs that will make your kids feel special

These sweet menorahs can be personalized any way you want, either with multiple kid names or just one, along with a few images of their favorite things. The limit for name length is ten letters, so even a kid named Alexandria can see their whole name in all its glory. It’s carved from real wood and can be personalized in a whole bunch of different colors, including a primary or rainbow pattern. This is one of the pricier menorahs but this handmade and personalized choice will probably be in your family for generations to come. These take 1-2 weeks to prepare for shipment and 1-2 weeks to ship, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to get this one before Hanukkah starts this year.


A classic choice for those who like tradition

Dinosaurs and ice cream cones are cool, but the classic menorah is plenty beautiful on its own. This sturdy, terracotta menorah has a simple design that will let the glowing candles be the focus. It’s priced lower than many of the flashier options, and the three feet on the bottom make it sturdy enough that it will be safe for kids to help out with candle lighting without any mishaps.


A fire truck menorah complete with its own little pup

If you have a budding fire fighter on your hands, or just kids who think those loud, red trucks are awesome, this menorah is sure to make them smile. No fire station is complete without a Dalmatian, and this one is no exception. It also even has a hose, which is an adorable touch (though it won’t actually work to put these candles out.) The truck and other details are made of poly-resin, and it will fit comfortably on most mantles: it’s 10 inches long and 3 inches deep.


A colorful menorah that’s the perfect choice for a sporty family

If your kid is really into squash or fencing, they might not feel represented by this menorah, but pretty much every other sport gets its due in this cute choice. You know you’re the target audience for this one if it’s hard to fit in candle lighting around all your practices. The base is decorated with sayings like “strike!” and “home run!” and the shamash is a trophy cup that says “#1” on it. It fits an impressive amount of sports references despite being on the smaller side, at 12 inches by 3 3/4 inches.


A smiling train that’s ready to get you through all eight days

If you have a kid who can’t get enough of Thomas the Tank Engine, you might want to get on this Hanukkah train. There’s three different cars: a “Happy Hanukkah” car, a dreidel car, and of course, a gelt car. The three trains will help your kids remember everything there is to love and look forward to about this season. The candle holders are embossed with gold to make sure they stay secure. The only thing you’ll have to watch out for is making sure your kids don’t drive it away while it’s filled with candles.

Whatever your child is into: ice cream, dinosaurs, trains, or crafts, there’s a kids’ menorah that’s perfect for them.