Memorial Day

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Here's Exactly When Kroger Will Be Open This Memorial Day In Your City

There’s nothing worse than firing up the grill and realizing you forgot to buy hot dog buns.

You’re getting the house cleaned and prepping all of the food for your Memorial Day gathering when you realize you’re missing one (or two... or three) key ingredients. You have just enough time to drive to Kroger and still get back in time before guests arrive, but is Kroger open on Memorial Day? Thankfully, they have your back this year.

Memorial Day 2021 Hours

Kroger stores will be open during their usual hours on Memorial Day, a spokesperson tells Romper in an email. Of course, not every store operates on the same schedule, so you’ll want to be sure you’re familiar with your specific store’s regular hours. You may also want to call to double-check the hours before you drive over there. You can find your nearest store and get their phone number using Kroger’s store locator online.

Memorial Day Deals

If you’re planning a summer cookout, Kroger has all kinds of deals that will help you save money on the essentials. You can get a whole seedless watermelon for only $3.99, two 18oz containers of blueberries for $5, and Oscar Mayer hot dogs are buy one get one free. Kroger ground beef is also on sale for $3.98 per pound and you can get all of the fixings for s’mores for $7, including a six-pack of Hershey bars, a 12oz bag of Kraft marshmallows, and one box of Honey Maid graham crackers. Even if you’re not hosting an outdoor gathering this Memorial Day, you should still check out Kroger’s deals, which run from May 26 through June 1, because there are some serious money-saving opportunities (just don’t forget your Kroger card when you shop).

Whatever it is that you realize you need come Memorial Day, don’t worry, you’re not out of luck. Kroger is open for business and ready to help you get everything you need for an enjoyable holiday.