Mother's Day

Target has some great last-minute gift options for Mother's Day.
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15 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts From Target

You already know you’re going to pick up bananas — why not grab her a gift, too?

Surprise! Mother’s Day is almost here. And if you’re a procrastinator, first of all, I feel you. Second of all, you may be looking for some last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from Target. It’s the perfect set-up — you know you’re going to be at Target anyway at some point in a week, so why not snag something special for the mom in your life (or even yourself)? For the tired mom — that’s all of us — the mom who loves a good home spa day, or even the mom with the green thumb, as usual, Target has got her covered.

Remember, if all else fails, there’s always the coveted Target gift card — because you know that will get put to good use right away. That way mom can snag a cute new t-shirt, shoes, or bag for free, and you didn’t even have to check her shirt size and give away the surprise. And if you are taking little kids out shopping for their mom, heed my warning: steer clear of the toy aisle and actually give them some options. Kids picking out any gift they want to give mom means she’ll get a pocket full of plastic dinosaurs and something totally random, like a digital meat thermometer or a pen with a flashlight in the top.

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For The Mom Who Just Wants A Cup Of Coffee

There are few things worse than having to make the coffee before you’ve had the coffee, which is why this personal single-serve Keurig K-Mini is perfect. The cute pink color really makes it stand out, and it fits pretty much everywhere — even next to the bed — because it’s less than 5 inches wide. Can you imagine rolling over and popping in a cup and letting it fill up as you lay in bed? Goals.

And it can brew between 6 ounces and 12 ounces, leaving less room for having to sip on a cold cup of coffee because she can’t finish it in time. Well, sort of. I don’t remember the last time I had a hot cup of coffee.


For The Mom Who Wants To Enjoy A Hot Beverage

A perfect secondary gift to the Keurig above, this cute 15-ounce mug will remind mom that she’s definitely the “world’s greatest” with every sip. If she’s a mom who is more of a coffee on the go person, she’ll love this floral World’s Greatest Mom tumbler with lid.


For The Mom Who Loves Music

There is nothing like the sounds of a favorite song coming from a bonafide record player, and this one is just lovely. Even if she doesn’t have any records to use, this record player has bluetooth so she can stream music from her other devices to give that vintage vibe. (And it also looks adorable all closed up, which is helpful for houses with small children, too.)


For The Green Thumb Mom

For moms who love growing things, but don’t have much space, gift them the AeroGarden planter to use inside the house. It has automatic reminders for when the plants need food or water (perfect for black-thumbed moms who want to try), and you can grow up to 12” of herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, and more. This kit also comes with Genovese basil, Thai basil, dill, curly parsley, mint, and thyme, as well as formulated plant food.


For The Mom Who Loves To Get Comfy & Cozy

Remind mom she’s the best every day when she puts on these plush, foamy, cushiony slippers. She’ll feel like she’s walking on clouds thanks to the memory foam inside. This particular set has “DF Adapt” per the description, which is supposed to keep feet cozy and dry. And if they do end up getting dirty, they’re machine washable. Win-win.


For The Mom Who Needs A Sweet Reminder

Whether this gift is from small children to their mama, or a grown child reminding their mom how special they are, it’s just perfectly sweet. How many times does a mom worry about how she’s parenting and how her kids are turning out? This gift proves she’s enough, no matter what. “Just as you are.”


For The Mom Who Loves A Fire

This wood-burning fire pit is just cute enough to not look ridiculous when there isn’t a fire inside, but it’s also super easy to use. As an extra gift, go ahead and assemble it for her when you give it to her.


For The Mom Who Loves To Be Pampered

Give mom the time to enjoy this one, guys. This foot bath also has a massager included inside the apparatus to massage feet while she’s getting a heated soak with bubbles. It’s also easy to operate with your toes, so she can enjoy Netflix without ever missing a relaxing beat.


For The Plant Mom

Perfect for a succulent, this beautiful ceramic stoneware planter will make a really nice home for a Valentine Hoya, which you should absolutely purchase to go along with this gift. The heart-shaped plant and beautiful pot will be perfect for Mother’s Day.


For The Mom Who Loves To Garden

Every gardener needs the right set of tools, so you might as well gift her a pretty set. This tool set has really great reviews, and they are just so darling. Whether she’s planting veggies or pruning her award-winning roses, she’ll love these.


For The Mom Who Loves A Beach Read

Jennifer Weiner never disappoints and if the mom in your life loves a fun beach read, Weiner’s new novel Big Summer is it. It’s all about the power of female friendships, but with lots of seductive, exhilarating twists. It’s out May 5, so go ahead and order so it shows up in time for Mother’s Day.


For The Mom Who Loves Trees

This One for One Tree Kit is technically two gifts in one. Not only does mom get to plant her own tree, but for every tree kit purchased, the company will plant an additional tree. Mom will love that by planting this one tree, she’ll be producing 10,000 pounds of CO2 in its lifetime.


For The “Cool” Mom

I love a good t-shirt with a message on it, and this “Raising Kind Humans” shirt is super cute and looks comfortable enough to throw on quickly and handle raising kind humans for the day.


For The Mom Who Needs More Storage

Was she complaining all day about how there’s nowhere to put any of the blankets? Did she trip over 10 toys on her way to the kitchen last weekend, but there’s nowhere to put all of those Little People figurines. Enter this gorgeous tufted bench, which has tons of storage and also doubles as extra seating. (It’s the perfect thing to stuff everything into five seconds before people come over.)


For The Mom That Loves Pajamas

This striped nightgown is a classic. Unlike super fancy pajamas, it can be worn during any season, and it’s just pretty enough to make Mom feel like some kind of Meg Ryan character as she goes off to bed. No more ratty college t-shirts or stained yoga pants for bedtime, OK?