LEGO released a new Disney castle set.

LEGO's New Disney Castle Set Has Nearly 5,000 Pieces, Fireworks, & More

The 4,837-piece set features Easter eggs from 14 Disney movies.

Disney has been part of our lives for 100 years. Yes, this sort of feels impossible, but to celebrate such a momentous occasion, LEGO just unveiled a new Disney castle set like nothing you’ve ever seen. This is the biggest castle LEGO has ever put out, in fact, and the level of detail is truly going to blow your mind. You’ll feel like you’re standing at Disney World in front of the legendary castle itself by the time you’ve finished putting this thing together.

LEGO and Disney have partnered up to commemorate a century of entertaining the world with a new 4,837 piece castle set. You read that right, nearly 5,000 mini bricks to create a two-foot tall structure that is a replica of the castle we see at the beginning of every Disney movie, Cinderella’s castle to be precise.

This castle has 800 more pieces than the one previously released in 2016, and what’s more, this time around there are 14 Disney movies referenced within its walls. Steamboat Willy, the very first movie made by Walt Disney, is referenced in the castle, as is Snow White (the first Disney princess), as well as The Princess and the Frog and Moana to name a few.

The set references classic Disney movies include Snow White, The Princess and the Frog, and Moana.LEGO
The new Disney castle set comes with four Disney princesses and their male counterparts. LEGO

The set also includes eight of the Disney Princess characters with their male counterparts in miniature to complete the little world. The inside of the castle has amazing little Easter eggs throughout, with each room referencing a Disney film. There is a full kitchen, a dining room, and a bedroom, along with the iconic turret. The turret holds a special secret inside as well; a time capsule with references to Disney’s 100-year history. Inside the castle is various rooms including a kitchen and dining room, a ballroom and bedroom.

Check out the secret turret in LEGO’s Disney castle set.LEGO

The exterior of the castle is emblazoned with fireworks so after a long day of putting together your LEGO dream castle you can pretend its being lit up by Disney World fireworks.

The exterior of the castle emblazoned with fireworks!LEGO

As you can imagine, this set is rated 18+ based on its complicated design, and retails for $399.99, which is still cheaper than taking your kids to Disney World.

The Disney castle LEGO set will be available to LEGO VIPs beginning July 1 and to everyone else on July 4.