This New Little Live Pets Toy Guinea Pig “Births” Babies

Yes, really.

If you’ve ever contemplated how to best explain the miracle of pregnancy and birth to your little kids, I am willing to bet that using an electronic guinea pig as a visual aid didn’t cross your mind. But maybe it should have. The new Little Live Pets Mama Surprise is an interactive toy that gives kids a glimpse into the world of motherhood via a realistic guinea pig who “births” three babies, and it’s actually downright adorable.

From Moose Toys, Little Live Pets Mama Surprise is an electronic guinea pig that makes more than 30 sounds and reactions as your child cares for her. She’ll respond to brushing and feeding with the set’s included accessories. But the best part about this sweet toy is her glowing heart that signals the arrival of three baby guinea pigs.

When your child sees the mama guinea pig’s heart glow, that’s the sign that it’s time to put her back into her hutch where she can settle into her nest and get ready to give birth overnight. While this isn’t an actual birth (there’s no blood or bodily fluids involved, of course) while your child is asleep, a newborn guinea pig baby will arrive. When your child wakes up in the morning, they’ll have a brand new little guinea pig to help take care of.

If you thought the act of an animatronic mama guinea pig giving birth was the “surprise” mentioned in the toy’s name, think again. The mama guinea pig actually gives birth three times — once each night over three consecutive days. Delivering three babies over the course of three days is a surprise, indeed!

I don’t know about your kids, but mine would use the promise of an overnight birth as an excuse to stay up all night to watch and see how it happens. So, here’s my advice to you: Tell your kids their guinea pig won’t give birth unless they’re asleep all night. It’s like Santa — they only come if you’re actually asleep.

Each new baby guinea pig is “delivered” with their own fun accessory set. Each baby care package includes various themed accessories ranging from rock n’ roll to preppy to princess so your little ones can play with their new baby guinea pigs until their heart’s content. What’s more, you can actually repeat the surprise deliveries over and over again for your kiddos.

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise will retail for $64.99 and will be available from retailers beginning August 2022.