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As Someone With Big Boobs, Take It From Me: This Lululemon Sports Bra Is Perfection

It passed the downward dog challenge (IYKYK).

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The first time my boobs were too big to do sports I was only 12, and it was my gym teacher who told me. “Don’t run,” she said in her gym shorts and tube socks and sneer. “It looks pornographic.” I would love to tell you that I was desperate to run, but really I just wanted to be a normal kid who felt normal things about running and didn’t have to think about my pornographic boobs.

Four children and many adult years with these boobs later, I do sort of want to run. Or do downward-facing dog in a yoga class without the inevitable migration out of my bra and up into my throat. Or hike or go on the elliptical or even just laugh in public without thinking, “How does this make my boobs look?” I have a friend with equally big boobs who is sportier and cooler than me. She’s tried everything. Doubling up on sports bras. Buying ones that are too tight and give her uniboob but at least they keep everything contained. Because I’m a copycat I tried all of these options too, and every time we would act like, oh, this is the solution, it never was. Until it finally was.

I am 50 years old and I’ve just started a meaningful LTR (long-term relationship) with the Lululemon Run Times High Support Bra. She cradles all of my parts just right in a size that is none of your business (but know that there is more than one letter attached). This sports bra has been a long time coming for me. And I’m so glad we’ve finally found each other.


  • Price: $68
  • Sizes: 32B to 42DDD. Some band sizes are also available in G cups (heart eyes).
  • Colors: Orange, purple, blue, melon, pink, forest green, grey, and black
  • Who it’s for: Anyone who wants a sports bra that they can wear all day without their boobs sagging or migrating into the middle.
  • When to use: Running on the road or to the grocery store, during yoga, and under sweats in a work-from-home situation.
  • Pro tip: Consider getting your size checked before ordering. Lululemon has very helpful customer service that helped me determine which size I should add to cart.

The materials

Designed for running, these bras are made with a special sweat-wicking fabric (a blend of nylon and Xtra Life lycra, which supposedly helps with shape retention). The straps are adjustable, wide, and padded for comfort. There is a soft brushed underband and a hook-and-eye closure, which is so much more customizable than the pull-over-your-head-and-wrestle-your-boobs-in-place-kind.

The maintenance

To clean the bra, simply wash it with like colors in cold water and hang to dry. Don’t bleach, iron, or dry clean. I first got the bra last December and have worn it to the gym many times, on hiking holidays, and during multiple yoga classes. After many washes and six months of use, this bra shows no signs of wearing out.

The fit & feel

One of the biggest positive points about the Run Times High Support Bra is that it has a hook-and-eye closure at the back. My friend and I both tried a few other bras that had complicated straps we had to pull over our heads and they just didn’t work. It was too difficult to wrangle your parts into the bra and then all of that readjusting...

This hook closure at the back of the bra makes it so much easier to put on and take off than traditional sports bras. Also, adjustable straps!Lululemon

Also, the material of the bra feels sort of space-age (in a good way) — the spandex is soft yet really holds everything in place well. The little mesh panel on the front is meant to provide air flow, and I can say my cleavage sweat has really reduced in this bra. It’s like having a little A/C unit for my boobs.

The results

Both my friend and I tried out the Run Times High Support Bra over two days of hiking outside of San Francisco in the very damp Redwood Forest. We agree that everything stayed exactly where it was meant to stay through all of that climbing and bending and even a yoga class, which in my opinion, is the ultimate test.

Pros & cons


  • The bra gives you solid support for an entire day of vigorous activity.
  • It offers separation instead of giving you the dreaded uniboob effect.
  • It’s available in a significant range of sizes, with an array of back bands and cup sizes on offer.
  • The fit is snug fit still leaves room to breathe.


  • It’s on the expensive side.
  • You really need to confirm your sizing as some users report this bra can run a little small.
  • The only neutral options are grey and black. Without offering white or any skin tones, this bra doesn’t pass the white T-shirt test.
  • There are no sizes available with A cups.

The final verdict

This bra gave me the confidence to consider running, at least very slow running, for the first time in my life. As one reviewer wrote, “This is my favorite sports bra. It isn’t difficult to put on, it is extremely supportive for any type of high intensity exercise. For someone who is chesty, I love this bra.” I would absolutely purchase this bra again, and I think this is a giant leap forward for boobkind.


The Lululemon Run Times High Support sports bra is perfect for wearers with bigger boobs who want support but also want to be able to breathe.

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