The new Inspiring Women series doll is Barbie.

Maya Angelou Is The Perfect Inspirational Barbie Doll

Part of the Inspiring Women series, this Dr. Maya Angelou Barbie is just lovely.

Back in my day, Barbies were the OG blonde, long-legged version — and the majority of them were white. While I loved them dearly (thanks again for that Barbie Dream House, Mom), I’m so excited to learn that not only does Barbie offer diverse body types, but the “Inspiring Women Series" collection features tributes to women who “took risks, changed rules, and paved the way” for generations of women to come. And included among these women is the new Maya Angelou Barbie, coming to the Inspiring Women Series. She will be available at Target, Amazon, and the Barbie website on Jan. 14.

This falls in line perfectly with Barbie’s other initiative, the Barbie Dream Gap Project, “to support girls in reaching their limitless potential through research, curriculum, programming, and funding." This is part of the brand’s commitment to the Black community. “Research shows, starting at the age of 5, girls stop believing that their gender can be anything. This issue is called the ‘Dream Gap.’ Early indicators suggest that for Black girls, the impact is even larger and this self-perception at a young age can be detrimental."

As such, Barbie is committed to bringing more female Black role models to the spotlight, and Angelou is a perfect match. She was an author, activist, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and more than 50 honorary doctorates, was nominated for a National Book Award in the ‘70s, and more. Each doll includes a mini replica of her autobiography, and she’s wearing a head wrap and floor-length dress with a floral print. She is also wearing a big bright smile.


Angelou joins other women in the series who have been made into dolls, including Amelia Earhart, Katherine Johnson, Frida Kahlo, Rosa Parks, Sally Ride, Billie Jean King, Ella Fitzgerald, Florence Nightingale, and Susan B. Anthony.

Make sure to add this amazing doll to your child’s (or your) collection on Jan. 14, and don’t miss out on the other incredible women included in this inspirational and educational collection.