Meghan McCain used Trump's own words against him.
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Meghan McCain Made A Subtle Dig At Trump After Biden's Arizona Win

Nothing like using Trump's own words about her dad against him.

After several decades as a solidly Republican state, Arizona has turned blue. And Meghan McCain responded to Joe Biden's win in Arizona with a meme of her dad, the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, along with a deliciously apt dig at President Donald Trump. Nothing like a one-two punch to celebrate President-elect Biden's victory in a state that long supported her own father.

On Thursday the state's 11 electoral votes were officially called for Biden, a real victory for the Democratic party since the state has always gone Republican with only two exceptions in the past seven decades. President Harry Truman took the state in 1948 and President Bill Clinton clinched a narrow victory in 1996, according to CNN.

While political pundits continue to opine on why Arizona voted Democrat after so many years as a Republican stronghold, McCain decided to step in. Not to give her opinion, necessarily, but to get in a little dig at President Trump using a meme of her dad. In 2015, Trump notoriously said of Sen. McCain, a longtime Republican senator and U.S. Navy veteran who spent five years in North Vietnam as a prisoner of war, that the senator was not a war hero. According to Politico, Trump said, "He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

On Thursday, Meghan McCain tweeted a meme of her dad smiling with the words, "I like people who don't lose Arizona," with the caption, "In light of tonight's news... sorry I had to, the meme is too funny."

Sen. McCain's widow Cindy also tweeted about the victory, congratulating Biden (who she endorsed earlier in his campaign) and writing, "Congrats to @JoeBiden for carrying my home state of Arizona. I am so proud of Arizonans for showing up in record numbers to make their voices heard. Thank you to the election workers who ensured a fair and honest process. Let’s get to work!"

Trump's rift with the late senator lasted until McCain's death in August 2018, when President Trump did not attend his funeral at the family's request. Trump continued to speak negatively of the well-loved senator even after his death, according to CNN, and there are many social media users who are attributing Arizona's surprising shift to Trump's treatment of the war veteran.

One social media user wrote, "Well-played! John McCain would be very happy to know Trump lost Arizona!"

Another noted, "Trump’s campaign slogan was 'transition to greatness' which is fitting because it’s going to end with a transition to Biden. Joe Biden has officially won Arizona. That’s what Donald Trump gets for picking a fight with John McCain."

Joe Biden and John McCain were longtime friends despite being on opposite sides of the aisle. It does seem fitting that McCain's pal of more than 40 years should be the one to flip his home state of Arizona. And that he should posthumously get the credit for it.