Parents Are Loving This Mom’s Simple Hack For Keeping Her Newborn Warm At The Doctor

“I worked hard for this baby.”

If there’s one thing we can all agree on as parents it’s this: If you figure out a secret little hack, we want you to share it. Especially if it’s for something that some of us have never really considered before. Like this mom’s hack to keep her newborn daughter warm at her first doctor’s appointment. Her solution was so elegant, so simple, and so chic.

Larrial and Alexis Tyler recently welcomed their first child, baby girl Abbie Evelyn, and they’ve been sharing their journey as new parents on their social media channels. Including a video they recently released of Abbie Evelyn’s first check-up with her doctor. The family of three were waiting for the doctor to come in, which meant that the baby girl would have to remain undressed so the doctor could give her a full check-up. Normally, this would require a new baby to lay on the exam table until the doctor was finished. This was simply not happening for Abbie Evelyn.

“Look at how our baby is laid out,” Larrial Tyler Jr. said at the outset of the video, panning over to his daughter on the table wearing a beautiful little pink robe. When he started to laugh, Alexis Tyler pointed out, “They make her strip down to the diaper. So if you put a robe, this is easy access and keeps her warm until they come in.”

The proud dad admitted, “Our baby’s so extra. She’s really cute, though,” before asking his wife whose idea it was to keep their baby warm in a robe. It was apparently Alexis’ mom’s idea, because “she don’t want her grandbaby to be all cold.” It did not stop there. Alexis pointed out that she was “using my hands to keep her feet warm,” because there is truly nothing worse than having cold feet. And because, as the new mom pointed out, “I worked hard for this baby.”

Naturally, the Tylers’ social media followers were big fans of the simple robe hack. “Mama working smarter not harder,” wrote one person. Another said, “Thanks mama! I am definitely packing a robe for my daughter next doctor visit. Wonderful idea!”

One more related to Alexis’ motivation, writing, “I felt mama when she said I worked hard for this baby.”

Abbie Evelyn looked like a little Zen doll as she waited for her doctor’s appointment. That robe plus the foot warming really did the trick.