This Mom's Lottery Scratch Ticket Pregnancy Reveal Is Genius

Her husband's reaction will fully bring on some happy tears.

In the world of pregnancy reveals, it's getting increasingly more difficult to pull off a real unique and creative surprise. But one mom managed to pull it off with a scratch-off lottery ticket pregnancy reveal. After seeing her husband's amazing and incredibly excited reaction, how do we ever go back to just saying, "Hey by the way I'm pregnant!"

Last week, Hayli Baez shared a six-minute-long video to her YouTube channel, Becoming Baez, documenting the moment she discovered she was pregnant with her second child. She and her husband Rick are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Hazel. The Arizona-based mom started the video by sharing her own reaction to seeing that extra line on her at-home pregnancy test. "Oh my God, breathe, breathe, breathe," she whispered to herself as her hands were shaking.

Baez went on to tell viewers that her husband didn't know she was pregnant, and once she managed to wrap her own head around the news that she was about to become a mom of two, she devised a plan. "I bought these little pregnancy scratch-off cards, like lottery tickets, that when you scratch them off it says 'baby,'" she said, adding that she had bought the tickets a few days earlier with the idea that she would use these to tell her husband she was expecting when the time came. And the time has come.

A mom's scratch-off lottery ticket pregnancy reveal is adorable.

Baez called her husband into the kitchen to try his hand at the scratch ticket, and he was immediately game to do it. Happily scratching away, maybe dreaming of winning the lottery. When he finally scratched three gold bars, indicating he had received a prize, he scratched off the prize are and discovered the words "a baby." His reaction was priceless. He immediately started screaming happily, and leapt up to hug his wife, shouting "yes!"

"EVERY girl deserves this kind of reaction in her life," Baez wrote on Twitter, where shared the video as well. Viewers agreed. "I'm not crying, you're crying," one commented, while another said, "Seeing it CLICK on his face was WHOLESOME."

Anyone who wants to buy these genius little scratch tickets for a pregnancy announcement can find them on Amazon for around $15 for a set of three. Although fair warning — you can probably only trick someone with this kind of idea once. After that you'll have to come up with a new idea.