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Reddit Is Weirded Out By Woman's Reaction To Her Sister-In-Law Being Pregnant With A Girl

“My SIL took me to the side and told me that it was completely fine to feel devastated by the bad news.”

A pregnant mom recently took to the popular sub-Reddit “Am I The A**hole” forum with an uncomfortable situation. Namely, her sister-in-law’s shocking reaction to finding out she was expecting a baby girl. According to the anonymous woman, her sister-in-law thought that having a daughter should leave her feeling “devastated.” And her gender bias has raised a lot of eyebrows on Reddit.

The Reddit user explained in her viral post that she and her husband are currently expecting their second daughter, and that they do not plan to have any more than two children. They decided that they would announce the sex of their second baby over a big family dinner. “Everyone congratulated us but after dinner my SIL took me to the side and told me that it was completely fine to feel devastated by the bad news,” she wrote. Her sister-in-law is a mom of four, three sons and one daughter. “I asked what she meant and she told me that even though she loves her daughter, no love compares to the love she feels for her sons.”

The pregnant mom explained that she is not upset about having a second daughter, and she just wants her baby to be healthy. At which point her sister-in-law doubled down. “She told me it was ok to be in denial and that if I ever felt it was [too] hard on me, I could always talk to her. I walked away but not before I said ‘you are extremely weird, you know that?’”

She and her husband left, and her brother got upset with her for being harsh with her sister-in-law when she was just trying to show “compassion” for having a second daughter.

Redditors had some thoughts on the subject of gender bias. “SIL’s comments were weird and also really sad. I wonder if it has something to do with her family and how she was raised, but it sounds like a lot of internalized misogyny,” one wrote.

Another added that they were concerned for the sister-in-law’s daughter. “Yes, I am feeling concerned for the SIL’s daughter. There’s a kid who is going to be emotionally neglected, for sure, and OP’s brother better wake up.”

“She was neither showing compassion nor trying to be understanding,” one more said. “She was projecting her toxic level boy mom attitude on you.”

Another Redditor had this advice: “Message brother back and say you thought it was weird that SIL said if was fine for me to feel devastated for having a girl and when I explained I was okay with it she then said I was in denial. Congratulations would have been more appropriate.”

Finally, this person suggested the poster be there for her niece. “Please try and be a source of love for the unfavoured daughter if you notice her getting lesser things, love, attention, education etc as she grows up.”

The sister-in-law’s reaction is, unfortunately, not as uncommon as people might think. Whether you are a mom of all girls or all boys, there’s often some bizarre gender bias that people bring to the table.