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25 Mother And Daughter Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Cute And Spooky

Get ready to win all of the costume contests.

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Dressing up your little ones in cute and spooky costumes is easily the best thing about Halloween for a parent (OK, second to picking through their candy buckets while they’re sleeping). Even better? Picking mother and daughter Halloween costumes to celebrate the holiday in the most adorable way possible. Even if you don’t want to match perfectly (i.e. in exactly the same costumes), you can coordinate: think Cruella de Vil and a Dalmatian (and yes, there are options for that below). The matching mommy and daughter Halloween costume is fun and sweet without being over-the-top.

You can pick a coordinating costume based off of what your child wants to wear, which, let’s be honest, is what you’ll be doing if you have a headstrong toddler or middle school-aged daughter. Or you can select something that you both love: a cartoon you like to watch together, characters from a nursery rhyme you sing to them at night, or even just Halloween classics, like a scarecrow and pumpkin. Have fun with it, go for something unique, or just pick something that feels easy and low-maintenance. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite options to make it easier for you.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Little Bo Peep & A Sheep

Instead of dressing up as characters from a TV show or movie, pick characters from a nursery rhyme. The Little Bo Peep rhyme is perfect for moms of babies because it’s so sweet. This Little Bo Peep costume is kid-friendly and the bonnet is a hilarious touch.


Let’s be real: a baby could wear any costume and it would be adorable. That’s especially true for baby animal costumes. This fuzzy Pottery Barn Baby Lamb costume is so sweet for your little one and, as a bonus, it can keep them nice and warm.


Fairy Godmother & Cinderella

This Fairy Godmother costume from Amazon is almost an exact copy of what Cinderella’s fairy godmother wore in the Disney movie. This is such a cute idea if your little one loves Cinderella (or even if they’re too little to watch it). It comes with the dress and hooded jacket, which is basically all you need — aside from a wand, of course.


This Great Pretenders deluxe Cinderella costume is made of high quality materials and is so nicely done that it looks like it could be a professional costume. Your little one will look so sweet in this classic blue ballgown, and all you need to add is a pair of glass slippers (or, you know, plastic ones) and a tiara.


Morticia & Wednesday Addams

Go for something a little spookier with a classic Halloween mother-daughter pair: Morticia and Wednesday Addams, of course. This Morticia Addams costume is simple but on point, and comes with the dress and necklace. Add a black wig if necessary and red lipstick.


This Wednesday girl’s Halloween costume feels authentic and creepy at the same time and is perfect for the kid who loves the spookier aspect of Halloween. This only includes the dress (with the collar, cuffs, and belt), so you may need to add a black wig if you want, or just black tights and shoes. And, of course, you can’t forget the black lipstick.


Wilma & Pebbles Flintstone

Pull inspiration from your favorite childhood cartoons and go as another famous mother-daughter duo: Wilma and Pebbles Flintstone. This classic Wilma Flintstone costume is easy to wear and doesn’t require much. It comes with the dress and the necklace, and if you want to really channel Wilma, add a red wig.


This Pebbles Flintstone costume is the perfect choice for your rambunctious toddler. It’s comfortable, it’s low-maintenance, and it lets them run around as much as they want. Be sure to pile their hair on top of their head, and add the bone hair clip.


Ursula & Ariel

Go all out for Halloween with this Prestige Little Mermaid Ursula costume. This is a two-in-one costume that consists of a mesh shirt and black dress with a sequined bustier and thigh-length skirt featuring layers of sheer black and purple glittery fabric. It comes with an inflatable overskirt that has six detailed tentacles to really make the look stand out.


This Little Mermaid Ariel costume is perfect for kids who love the idea of dressing up as the star of The Little Mermaid. It has a glittering sequin skirt that really does look like a mermaid tail, and the cutest shell top. Add a red wig if you think they’ll wear it.


A Beekeeper & Bee

Want to do something different than a set of characters from a TV show or movie? A beekeeper and a bee is so cute, especially with a baby. This Bees & Co natural cotton beekeeper suit is the most authentic find out there if you’re going for the realistic one. If you want something a bit cuter, this busy beekeeper costume is a fun choice.


How adorable is this Bumble Bee costume? It comes in sizes for babies and is just going to lead to the sweetest photos. It comes with a black undershirt and black tights, so you really don’t need to add anything except maybe little black slippers or shoes.


Cat & Mouse

If you want to be super comfortable on Halloween, wear this Zipster black cat one-piece costume. It’s basically like a big adult onesie and is cuddly, soft, and warm. It makes it so much easier to go trick-or-treating for hours on end. Some makeup and a pair of cat ears completes the look.


A mouse and cat is a cute enough idea — but both mom and daughter wearing cozy onesies? Adorable. This comfortable mouse costume is great for colder climates and will allow your little one to run around with ease.


Queen Of Hearts & Alice

This Deluxe Queen of Hearts costume is honestly gorgeous. It comes with the dress and the crown headband, and it’s just really going to garner a lot of attention. If you can do some fun Alice in Wonderland makeup for this, it will pop even more.


This Deluxe toddler Alice in Wonderland costume comes in a few different sizes and is just so adorable for your little mini Alice. They’ll love playing dress-up in this, whether it’s Halloween or afterwards.


Te Fiti & Moana

For a unique spin on Disney’s Moana, dress as Te Fiti and have your daughter dress as a young Moana. There are some elaborate Te Fiti costumes on Etsy, but they’re expensive: Instead, purchase this Te Fiti wig and wear any long green dress with a green shawl.


This picture perfect Moana costume is so adorable and since it comes with the dress and the necklace, it’s ready to go just as it is. This might be a little chilly in cooler areas, but you can add tights if you’re concerned.


Miss Clavel & Madeline

For literature lovers, Madeline is a kid’s classic, and dressing as Miss Clavel and Madeline is an adorable idea. It’s nearly impossible to find an actual Miss Clavel costume, but wearing a nun costume is basically the same thing. This one is inexpensive and will keep you pretty comfortable on Halloween.


This Madeline costume is so sweet and will definitely be one that impresses everyone. The little yellow hat is adorable. You can add on the hat to your purchase for a total of $75 and you can search for a matching cape separately.


Khalessi & A Dragon

Your little one might not be familiar with Game of Thrones, but if you love the show, then you know there was a serious bond between Khalessi and her dragons, who were basically her children. Dress as the Mother of Dragons herself in this comfortable fiery queen costume.


This one-piece green dragon costume is easy to get on your little one and will keep them comfortable and warm all day long. They don’t have to wear a separate pair of wings, which makes things easier for everyone.


Scarecrow & A Pumpkin

This scary scarecrow costume is definitely a little creepy if you also do the makeup the model has. But if you skip that, you can keep it a lot more tame so that your little ones don’t get spooked. This comes with the dress and hat, so you’ll need to find boots.


Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed as a pumpkin? It’s like the quintessential baby Halloween costume. This Hyde & EEK pumpkin costume is adorable and comes with a pumpkin suit and matching hat.


Barista & Latte

Coffee lovers, dress as your favorite barista and have your little one dress as a coordinating latte. This barista accessory kit comes with an apron, hat, and name tag, and you can basically wear anything underneath It.


The tunic and hat of this Dress Up America coffee costume make it look like a latte filled with whipped cream, and it turns what sounds like a boring costume into something really adorable. I love the coordinating trick-or-treat bag.


Glinda The Good Witch & Dorothy

Glinda the Good Witch might not actually be Dorothy’s mother, but she is definitely a representation of Dorothy’s mother, making this a great costume idea for mother and daughter. This Rubie’s Wizard of Oz Glinda costume is so pretty and your daughter will love that you look like a princess.


This adorable Dorothy costume comes with the classic blue-and-white gingham dress, hair bows, and even the red slippers, making it a pretty great deal. Have them carry around a little basket instead of a trick-or-treat bag and stick a stuffed dog in there to be Toto.


Cruella de Vil & A Dalmatian

This Cruella de Vil costume is definitely a little pricey, but it’s also by far the most authentic one out there. In the cartoon, Cruella wears a black dress and long fur coat, which is exactly what the character wears in the movie. And while Cruella isn’t exactly a mother to her dogs, dressing your little one as a Dalmatian for your mother and daughter Halloween costume is still an adorable idea.


Again, you can put a baby in pretty much any cozy animal costume, and they will win the day over every other costume. This plush Dalmatian puppy costume is no exception. It’s only one piece, so it’s easy, and it will keep them warm.


Lifeguard & Shark

Another mother and daughter Halloween costume idea that isn’t based off of a TV show or movie character is a lifeguard and a shark. Since you’re the mom, AKA the protector, you can obviously dress as the lifeguard. This adult lifeguard babe costume is cute, if not a little chilly, and it comes with the outfit, as well as the visor, whistle necklace, and inflatable buoy prop.


This shark costume jumpsuit is more similar to a hooded cape than a jumpsuit and can be worn over gray leggings and even a gray long sleeve shirt if needed. It’s easy to throw on and comes in at a pretty great price point.


Ghostbuster & A Ghost

This classic Ghostbuster costume is so cute and comfortable. The costume comes with the full-length jumpsuit, four interchangeable badges, and the elbow pads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the proton pack, which is sold separately, but you can always DIY one of your own with an old backpack.


Yes, the price for this toddler light-up ghost tutu costume is a bit steep, but this one is so cute. Not only is it the sweetest dress, but it also comes with a battery pack and lights up to illuminate the dark while trick-or-treating. Your toddler will get a kick out of it.


Zookeeper & Animal

A zookeeper is kind of like a mother figure to the wild animals at the zoo, right? It’s a stretch, sure, but it still works for a cute mother and daughter Halloween costume. This zookeeper costume comes with the jumpsuit, belt, and hat, and you really don’t need anything else but your little wild animal by your side.


This tiger onesie costume is so cute and goes perfectly with the zookeeper costume. We love how simple and low-maintenance it is — you can add some makeup if you want, but that’s really all you need. And, of course, if your child doesn’t want to be a tiger, there are so many other wild animals they could be: an elephant, zebra, lion, rhino... the list is nearly endless.


Two Witches

Maybe instead of coordinating mother and daughter Halloween costumes, you want to completely match with your daughter. That’s adorable, too! In that case, choose something like this Leg Avenue storybook witch costume. It’s really nicely made and is more unique than a lot of the other witch costumes out there.


This girl’s storybook witch costume is an exact mini replica of the women’s version. We love the green and black and this is sophisticated enough to keep the attention of older girls as well. It comes with a hat, but the broomstick is an optional add-on.


Wendy & Tinkerbell

In the Peter Pan movie, Wendy and Tinkerbell are basically rivals, but Wendy is also sort of a mother figure to Tinkerbell... and honestly, that kind of makes sense. This Wendy cosplay dress looks just like what Wendy Darling wears in the movie and is really affordable.


How sweet is this classic Tinkerbell costume? The tulle skirt and the pink details make this such a pretty option. It also comes with the matching fairy wings, so all you need is pair of flats to complete the look.


Elastigirl & Violet

ElastiGirl & Violet from The Incredibles are an actual mother/daughter pair, making them the perfect Halloween costume idea. This Disguise Mrs. Incredible costume comes with the full-length jumpsuit, belt, and mask, all for under $30. And it seems pretty comfortable, so you won’t have a problem running after your little ones all day.


This Violet costume is an exact replica of the Elastigirl costume, which is exactly what you want. A superhero team as a mother-daughter Halloween costume? We love to see it.


Witch & A Black Cat

Honestly, this Moonbeam witch costume is really pretty. It’s different than a lot of the other witch costumes out there, and is more of a feminine take with the sparkles rather than the old crotchety witch cliché out there. It also comes with the matching hat, which is nice.


A witch and a black cat go hand in hand, just like mother and daughter. This fuzzy black cat costume from Pottery Barn is so cute, and it’s nice that it has the hooded piece with ears instead of a cat ear headband that your child might not want to keep on. Plus, it’s warm and cozy.


The Evil Queen & Snow White

This Evil Queen costume looks exactly like what the character wears in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It also comes with the crown and the gloves, so you really don’t need to purchase anything else. Love this idea for a mom costume.


This Disney Snow White costume is also super authentic with the long skirt, the red cape, and the large collar. It comes with the red headband as well. You can add a dark wig, but chances are good your little one might not keep it on.


Sulley & Boo

This Disney Monsters Inc Sulley costume may or may not be an excuse to wear huge, comfortable onesie pajamas all day long. It’s cute, it’s colorful, and it really doesn’t require any other accessories. What’s not to love?


This Disguise Boo deluxe toddler costume is beyond adorable and goes perfectly with the Sulley costume for a great mother and daughter Hallowen costume idea. It comes with the mittens, one-piece outfit, and the headpiece.


Dionne & Cher

Clueless fans, this is your time to shine. Dress as everyone’s favorite besties, Cher and Dee. One of you can be Dee, one of you can be Cher. These are the cutest ‘90s costumes and this one is so authentic.


This Cher costume is too cute for words. It comes with the dress and the fuzzy pink pen, but you’ll have to supply the knee socks. You guys can walk around and say “as if” and “totally” all night long.

Let’s be real: there are only so many years that your daughter will want to match with you on Halloween, so be sure to take advantage of that time! Mother and daughter Halloween costumes are so much fun and there are so many options out there. And if the rest of the family wants to get involved, basically any of these ideas can be turned into family looks as well.

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