Encanto family Halloween costumes
Magical Encanto Halloween Costumes & DIY Ideas For The Whole Family

These costumes are a true gift.

The Madrigal family stole the hearts of Disney fans everywhere last fall in an unforgettable movie with a hit soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a relatable story about family dynamics, stunning visuals, and truly incredible characters. If Encanto has been on repeat in your household for the past year and your kids know every word to every song, it only makes sense that they want to recreate their favorite character’s look for Halloween this year. With the ideas on this list, the entire family can celebrate the film with Encanto Halloween costumes.

There are so many great Encanto costume options available to order online and buy in stores, but there’s also plenty of DIY inspiration available from the movie as well. For anyone who wants to get a little crafty with their costume, there’s an adorable getup inspired by the Madrigal’s magical home, Casita, alongside some accessory ideas for characters like Bruno or Abuela Alma on this list. Of course, the family Madrigal wouldn’t be complete without all of the siblings and cousins, so fan favorites like Antonio and Isabella are also well-represented.

Just like the beloved Disney flick, Halloween is for the whole family. So, whether your little one has her heart set on being Mirabel, you want to dress your baby like Louisa, or you want to be the hit of this year’s couples costume party dressed as Pepa and Felix, these Encanto Halloween costume ideas are simply magical.

Mirabel Encanto Halloween costume for kids

As the main focus of Encanto’s storied cast of characters, there’s no shortage of adorable Mirabel costume options to choose from this Halloween. But if a Mirabel Halloween costume is at the tip-top of your child’s wishlist this year, the most detailed choice comes straight from Disney.

This authentic Encanto costume is a one-piece dress with a long, tiered skirt, a scalloped neckline on top, tassels, eyelet trim, fringe, and superb embroidery. Lettering at the waist spells out “Miracle” in vibrant thread and the embroidered details spread across the entire dress are a sweet tribute to the gifts of the Madrigal family, just like in the movie.

Antonio Encanto Halloween costume for toddlers

It’s hard not to love the Encanto character Antonio. Mirabel’s animal-understanding youngest cousin is super adorable, just like this Antonio costume for toddlers. Included with this costume is a shiny tan vest with dark golden detailing, paired with a rust-colored striped shirt adorned with cloth buttons underneath, brown cropped pants, and a red pre-tied neck scarf like Antonio wears. This costume is made from a durable polyester material and is hand-wash only. Be sure to check the sizing chart before you order, as this costume’s fit may run small.

Louisa Encanto Halloween costume for babies & toddlers

Not only is she super strong (in more ways than one, might I add!) Louisa is also a fan-favorite Encanto character to dress like for Halloween. There will likely be more than a few preschoolers and elementary school-aged girls who want to model Louisa’s look and portray her tremendous personality this Halloween and costumes for that age group are readily available. But, if you’re looking for a simple Louisa costume for your baby or toddler, this dress from Precious Souls Boutique on Etsy is an adorable option. Like Louisa’s, this soft cotton-spandex dress does have short sleeves, so if you live somewhere where it’s cold on Halloween, you could add a white long-sleeved tee or onesie and leggings underneath.

Isabella Encanto Halloween costume for kids

A beautiful purple dress and lots of flowers. That’s really all you need to achieve Isabella’s beautiful look, but this Halloween costume from ShopDisney takes out all of the guess work. Inspired by Isabella’s look in the movie, this costume dress features rows of ruffles on the tiered skirt made from organza and mesh. The lavender top has short ruffled sleeves with a matching neckline and satin collar, adorned with a floral brooch. The entire look is covered with swirls of pink and turquoise flowers. To put this costume over-the-top, your girl can carry a basket of blooms and toss flower petals while trick-or-treating.

DIY Casita costume

Can we all just agree that Casita is the best character, already? You can make the magical home of the Madrigal’s come to life (even more than it does in the film) this Halloween with a few DIY costume hacks. A tiered yellow dress creates the base of the costume. Then, cut the shape of a door from a piece of turquoise felt to pin to the front of the dress. Add an orange hat to symbolize the roof, pin a floral garland all across the dress, and you’ve got yourself a DIY Casita Halloween costume. Wearing this costume will no doubt garner a few shouts of “hola, Casita!” around the neighborhood while you’re out trick-or-treating.

DIY Abuela Alma Encanto Halloween costume

The head of the Madgrical family, Abuela Alma is such a revered Encanto character. All you need to recreate her iconic attire this Halloween is a long-sleeved burgundy dress, hair pulled back into a low bun, and this battery-operated replica Encanto candle.

The magical candle really makes the outfit here, so you can go as simple or as detailed with the rest of your Abuela costume as you want. For kids, you can grab a simple cotton dress in maroon, top it off with a black shawl, and use spray-on grey hair paint to achieve Abuela’s look. Or, you can go all-out with your own Abuela attire and purchase an adult version of her deep red dress on Amazon, complete with a high, ruffled neckline and black accents.

Dolores Encanto Halloween costume for kids

The daughter of Pepa and Felix, Mirabel’s cousin Dolores is the one person in the family who hears everything thanks to her gift of incredible hearing. For kids who want to dress like this sweet character, this Dolores Halloween costume from Hallowitch Costumes is a top choice. This one-piece dress has a ruffled cream top with dark orange detailing. The full skirt is a deep rust color with orange accents and has a full look with light pleating so that it will swish around just like Dolores’ does in the move. Available in sizes that’ll work for toddlers through pre-teens, all you need to complete this look is a matching headband.

DIY Pepa Encanto Halloween costume for adults

If your little one wants to dress up as Dolores, Camilo, or Antonio, the perfect way to compliment their look and make your Halloween costumes a true Encanto family affair is to dress yourself like Pepa. All you need is a pretty golden-hued tiered dress like this one from Amazon, a matching knotted headband, and to carry a yellow umbrella around with it. I, personally, really relate to Pepa’s character because, just like her mood can change the weather, the mood of my entire household usually depends on my own as a mom. If you bear the same burden with love, a Pepa Halloween costume is a great pick.

Felix Encanto Halloween costume

In the movie, Pepa and Felix Madrigal are an incredible pair — they seem like the kind of parents my husband and I aspire to be. If you’re looking for an Encanto couples costume, it’s not hard to recreate Pepa and Felix’s looks in Halloween costume form. As easy-going as Felix himself, this comfortable Encanto t-shirt from Etsy seller Dream Wardrobe Shop is all you need to outfit for the Felix half of your duo. The tee has the look of Felix’s button-down top in the movie, screen-printed onto the shirt. It’s done in the style of a silly tuxedo t-shirt, but it totally works.

Camilo Encanto Halloween costume for kids & teens

Shape-shifting Camilo Madrigal is a fun Encanto character for kids and teens to dress up as for Halloween. In fact, if you have a teen who’s usually reluctant to wear matching family costumes, a Comilo costume might just sway them. This golden yellow cloak is made from lightweight material, so it’s great for warmer climates as it can be easily warn layered over a cream long-sleeved collared shirt like Camilo wears without being too hot. Pair this top with dark brown pants and a pair of leather flip-flops, and you’re good to go.

Bruno Encanto Halloween costume

We don’t talk about Bruno, but you can definitely dress like him this Halloween.

Bruno’s signature poncho is the star of this Encanto Halloween costume, and this option from Etsy seller Lisa Luvs 2 Sew is a standout choice for kids and adults alike. Made from a cotton knit fabric, this poncho has black vinyl cutout detailing along both sides, fringe on the arm holes and at the bottom, and a hood. There aren’t any rats along the back of this poncho, but there is a soft felt one that comes attached to the shoulder of the costume via velcro.

Add some flip flops and a pair of black pants with the bottom hems rolled up and boom, you’re Bruno — now nobody can talk about you.

Make Halloween truly a family affair this year with Encanto costumes all around.