Mother's Day

Order Mother's Day Flowers online and have a fresh bouquet delivered to your mom's doorstep.
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Here's What You Really Need To Know Before Ordering Mother's Day Flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue, here are all the tips & tricks you need for ordering flowers for moms, grandmas, and aunties, too.

I’m the kind of person who struggles to keep a houseplant alive for more than a couple of weeks, so I absolutely relish the gift of bright blossoms that I don’t have to grow myself packaged in a pretty vase. Mother’s Day flowers are a go-to gift that I love to both give and receive. Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet delivered straight to her door?

As simple as it to grab a bunch of blooms from the grocery store on the way to visit your mom, grandma, or Aunt Linda on Mother’s Day, sometimes a special occasion calls for help from the pros. Especially if you don’t live close by or want to have something specific put together and delivered, both local florists and online flower delivery services can help.

Below, you’ll find money-saving tips, timing advice, and some information on the secret language of flowers.

How To Find Free Delivery For Flowers

Shipping costs for flower arrangements from online delivery services vary depending on how they operate. For services that partner with local florists to make their bouquets, the delivery fees vary depending on your location and the desired delivery date. When an online florist ships their arrangements directly from a grower or central location, they often charge shipping fees depending on the carrier or delivery service that they use.

But, there are a few ways to score free delivery for your Mother’s Day flowers. If you have Amazon Prime, you can find fresh-cut flower delivery options from sellers like Benchmark Bouquets, Arabella Bouquets, and From You Flowers with free delivery options.

1-800-Flowers also has a selection of flower arrangements that ship for free on their website, but the cut-off times to have your order delivered in time for Mother’s Day will vary. They also offer a loyalty program that gives free standard shipping and no service charge for one full year on purchases.

Finally, local florists often run specials for free delivery around peak flower delivery times like Mother’s Day, so call around locally to see what is available in your area. (And, even if you pay for delivery, the total cost might be less than ordering online, plus you get the benefit of supporting a local business. Sarah Rice, owner of JJ's Flower Shop at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, notes that the big online online services “typically take a large portion of the profit margins from florists, and florists don’t end up making much money on the order.”

Sarah Rice recommends finding local florists by scouting out Instagram hashtags, like #atlantaflorists.

Tips For Saving Money On Flower Deliveries

Romper spoke with several florists who agree with Rice that ordering from local florists directly is the best way to save money on flower deliveries. They’ll work with your budget (just tell them a number!), and you won’t pay a middleman fee.

However, whether you go local or online, the following tips can still help you save a few bucks.

  • Ask for “designer’s choice” when ordering from a local florist. (Some online companies have this option as well.) The shop may have flower choices available that they can use if you’re on a budget. For example, if extra blooms were special-ordered for a wedding, but not all were used, they may be the perfect choice for your gift bouquet.
  • Ask if your local florist has a shop minimum. Especially if you’re not picky about what type of flowers are used and are OK with a “designer’s choice” bouquet, most local shops know they can make a beautiful arrangement at this minimum price point. Rice recommends asking the florist what they suggest based on your preferences and who the flowers are for. You might have something in mind, but, she says, “Trust the florist!”
  • Shop sale pages when ordering online. You can also usually filter arrangements by price range when shopping for flowers online so that only bouquets that fit your budget will be shown.
  • Avoid add-ons. Extras like stuffed animals and balloons are adorable, but they do add to the overall cost of your floral order.

Money Saving Strategist Bethany Hollars of tells Romper that being aware of the type of flowers you choose can help you save you money as well. “Avoid expensive roses and stick to blooms that are in season during springtime and are therefore much less costly, such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths,” she says. “These varieties are an especially great choice to gift as potted plants rather than in a bouquet, since Mom can replant the flower bulbs and enjoy your gift year and year.”

Flower Subscriptions

Flower subscriptions can actually be an economic way of gifting flowers. For example, the monthly floral subscription comes with free shipping, plus 15% off on select items. Other sites that offer subscriptions include Bouqs and Farmgirl Flowers, and floral and event designer Yaz Quiles recommends Bloomsy Box and Urban Stems.

For something different, Quiles also recommends Isha Plants, offering an array of plant propagation subscriptions, which she says are “absolutely perfect for expanding your plant family while learning propagation techniques.”

How To Source Local Flowers

Entrepreneur Lori Diamond launched THE FLOWRY during the pandemic and it’s a beautiful resource. “Our Bloomlist is a budding community florists and floral designers prioritizing American grown flowers and sustainable business practices,” she tells Romper. “There are a handful of flowers shops and floral designers doing their part to source as locally as possible, at the very least, from American flower farmers.” While it’s not always possible to source local, especially in the winter months, she says these progressive florists are also “committed to implementing more responsible practices ... as far as waste, water, and energy conservation.”

And Sarah Rice offers another great hint for finding a good local option: “Search on Instagram to find a great florist if you don’t have one you already use,” she says. For instance, if you live in Atlanta, try #atlantaflorist or #atlantaflowershop.

An arrangement from Flower Church, Detroit Michigan. The Bloomlist
Local flowers from Wild Vine Floral in Austin, Texas.The Bloomlist

Consider DIY Flower Arrangement Kits

If your mom is into gardening or crafting or just loves DIY flowers, check out delivery kits like the beautiful Poppy at Home floral bouquet kits. With packages starting at $68 including delivery, your mom will receive 50-55 stems directly from a Fair Trade farm in Ecuador, which is a huge savings from how much it would cost to order an already assembled arrangement of comparable flowers. Each kit comes with design instructions and access to a Poppy video tutorial. Also worth a look: Poppy has also partnered with cult favorite online plant company The Sill on a Mother’s Day collaboration.

Quiles is a fan of Alice’s Table, which offers a variety of floral workshops that you can give as a gift, for your mom or for the two of you to do together. She says they’ll deliver a kit with everything needed to create a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece.

Best Time To Order Mother’s Day Flowers

If you’re keen to plan ahead for Mother’s Day, all of the experts we consulted agree: the best time to order flowers for delivery on May 9 is... as soon as possible. Because shipping windows and delivery date requirements vary depending on where you’re ordering, getting your order squared away sooner rather than later will ensure that you can have your arrangement delivered on the day of your choosing.

Last Day To Order For Mother’s Day Delivery

When life gets hectic, sometimes planning ahead just isn’t in the cards. The last day to order flowers for Mother’s Day delivery varies depending on who you order from and how much you’re willing to pay for rushed delivery.

Companies like1-800-Flowers and Teleflora do offer same-day delivery in select areas, but the available options will be limited on holidays. Additionally, some Amazon sellers who offer fresh-cut flower deliveries have next-day, overnight, and same-day delivery options available for select arrangements including From You Flowers, Arabella Bouquets, Stargazer Barn, and Benchmark Bouquets.

Generally speaking though, you’ll want to place your order for Mother’s Day delivery as soon as possible to ensure that the flowers that you want are available and will be delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

The ‘Day Off Bouquet” kit by Poppy Flowers x The SillThe Sill

We also went straight to the source; here are some tips for ordering from some of the most popular online options:


The experts at online flower delivery service ProFlowers have a plethora of floral arrangements for Mother’s Day on their website. Prices range from $35 for a simple bouquet to $100+ for more complex arrangements with add-ons like premium chocolates. They also offer a variety of plants and gourmet gift baskets that can also be delivered for Mother’s Day.

ProFlowers works with local florist partners to deliver floral gifts. Because of this, their ability to deliver arrangements on holidays may be limited in your area, so it’s best to plan your Mother’s Day flower order well in advance when ordering from ProFlowers.


For Mother’s Day, 1-800-Flowers offers a variety of floral arrangements, plants, edible treats, and keepsake gifts. Many of their floral deliveries are shipped in gift boxes straight from the grower via FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Cut-off dates to order flowers (especially for holidays) vary depending on which arrangement you select.

Alfred Palomares, Vice President of Merchandising for 1-800-Flowers, told us that gift-givers who order before May 1 will get the best offers and biggest selection and save up to 40%. He also notes, “This year we’re seeing people place orders earlier than ever as many gift-givers are still staying at home and have time to plan for the upcoming holiday.” A big increase in demand, means they’re asking customers to be flexible with choosing delivery dates. “For instance, they can choose to have their gift arrive between Wednesday and Sunday rather than on Sunday, May 9,” he says. “This gives local florists the opportunity to deliver beautifully crafted arrangements and spread out their deliveries throughout the week.”

A couple of little known 1-800-Flowers secrets: The Plant Shop at has a wide variety of houseplants, succulents, blooming plants and more, and you can also explore their one of a kind bouquet options.


If you’re looking for a bouquet filled with traditional Mother’s Day favorites like tulips, roses, orchids, or lilies, Teleflora offers a selection of arrangements available that can be delivered straight to your mom’s door from a local florist. Their website is easy to navigate and gives you the option to add extras like chocolates or balloons to your order at check-out.

Teleflora has same-day delivery options for orders placed by 2 p.m. on weekdays and noon on the weekends. Fees for same-day delivery through Teleflora do vary based on location and date of order. They also have a “deal of the day” arrangement for shoppers who want to save a bit of money— for these, a Teleflora rep tells us that local florists design a one-of-a-kind bouquet using the freshest seasonal flowers available.

Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers is an ideal place to order flowers for Mother’s Day if your mom loves the look of a fresh, organic, just-picked bouquet. When you enter their site, you’ll be prompted to enter your mom’s zip code so that you can choose from a variety of bouquet options available in her area. You pick the type of flower and number of desired stems, and they’ll be delivered in eco-friendly burlap to your mom’s doorstep.

Because Farmgirl Flowers use UPS and FedEx as couriers for their deliveries, each order is given a 2-day delivery window, so it’s best to place your Mother’s Day order as early as possible to ensure that it arrives on time. Farmgirl Flowers also offers a subscription service option that allows you to select the delivery date of your first order and the frequency of orders delivered thereafter.


Thanks to direct-from-farm flower sourcing, Bouqs offers floral arrangements that stay fresher longer. They have a gorgeous selection of flowers available for Mother’s Day, including a page filled with plant and floral options under $50. Shipping fees vary based on the location and timing of your order.

You can also save 30% off of your arrangement when you sign up for a Bouqs subscription service. With a subscription, you’re able to switch the recipient, customize your arrangement, and change the delivery dates at any point. You can pause or cancel your Bouqs subscription at any time.

A rep from Bouq’s offered up this hint: Carnations and Alstroemeria last a really long time and if you choose a Bouq with a succulent in it you can replant it long after the arrangement has surpassed its vase life.

Flower Meanings

Flowers may seem like an easy reach for a Mother’s Day gift, but the truth is that you actually can put a lot of thought and effort into gifting a bouquet that actually means something specific. Different flowers have different meanings and symbolism that you can lean on to show your love and appreciation for the mom in your life this year.

  • Tulips: Passion, confidence
  • Daisies: Innocence, hope
  • Roses: Love
  • Hydrangeas: Gratitude, understanding, emotion
  • Orchids: Admiration
  • Lillies: Beauty
  • Peonies: Happiness in life
  • Sunflowers: Adoration
  • Zinnias: Thoughts of absent friends
  • Hibiscus: Delicate beauty
  • Chrysanthemums: Honesty
  • Daffodils: New beginnings

Flower Color Meanings

Not only can the flowers that you order send a special message, but the colors that you pick matter as well. Flowers can signify different things depending on which color they are. You can add yet another layer of significance to your floral arrangement this Mother’s Day by choosing flower colors that have a specific meaning for the mom who receives them.

  • Red: Romance, intense love
  • Orange: Happiness, joy
  • Purple: Charm, grace, elegance
  • Pink: Innocence, playfulness, sensitivity
  • White: Purity, honesty, innocence
  • Yellow: Trust, compassion, friendship
  • Blue: Serenity
  • Green: Harmony, balance