A New Care Bear With A Sweet Message Is Set To Launch This Summer

Your favorite nostalgic toy has a new, inclusive message to share.

The Care Bears brand has been bringing joy to the masses for generations and their newest character, Togetherness Bear, is set to continue the legacy this summer. Togetherness Bear’s motto is “Love All,” and she’s here to spread the word about the importance of acceptance, inclusivity, and loving yourself.

After more than a year of social distancing, virtual school, and time apart from loved ones, the message of togetherness is more important than ever. As kids learn how to re-enter social spaces and interact with one another, Togetherness Bear can be a guide and a friend to help bring kids together in a loving and accepting way.

Not only is Togetherness Bear a sweet way for kids to learn important life lessons, but she’s also just plain adorable. Her super soft fur has a tie-dyed colorway that features all the colors of the rainbow, complete with a heart-shaped belly badge and a cute little heart-shaped patch on each foot.

The bear’s tie-dye design isn’t just beautiful and fun, but it also reinforces the theme of embracing the unique qualities (and differences) that make each individual person worthy of love and acceptance. Just like people, no two bears are the same — each Togetherness Bear’s fur pattern is unique to them.

Care Bears have been monumental in helping kids learn social-emotional wellness for decades. Whether in a TV show, a movie, or in a toy box, these lovable bears have brought care and acceptance into the hearts and homes of millions. From learning to share with others from Share Bear to learning how to communicate their feelings from Tenderheart Bear, these furry friends are there for kids through everything that life throws their way. Kids who are familiar with the Care Bears can easily see and relate to the characters and the emotions or attributes that they represent.

Toys that help promote emotional wellness are one of Toy Insider’s top toy trends to watch in 2021, and Togetherness Bear certainly falls right in line with those same principles. Togetherness Bear is the latest in a long line of bears that help bring mindfulness and emotional support to the forefront of playtime.

Togetherness Bear is available at Walmart in stores and online, retailing for about $13. Watch social media for the #TogethernessChallege that will accompany the launch starting June 8. Fans can share what togetherness means to them using the hashtag on their social media to come together and spread Togetherness Bear’s message of love and acceptance. You can also learn more about Togetherness Bear when you watch her origin video on YouTube.

I personally can’t wait to see how the newest Care Bear’s message helps this generation of kids cope with everything that they’ve had to go through over the past year or so. I just know Togetherness Bear is the perfect Care Bear for the job.