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A New Mom Called The Police On Her Sister After She Threw Out 14 Cans Of Baby Formula

“She told me she had thrown out all the ‘garbage’ I was feeding him.”

Two sisters had babies within two weeks of each other, which sounds like it would be pretty ideal. Being able to go through something as extraordinary as motherhood together at the same time should be an incredible bonding experience. Unless one of those moms threw out the other sister’s baby formula and that sister decided to call the cops on her. That exact situation recently came up on Reddit’s popular “Am I The A**hole” forum and it sounds as messy as you might imagine.

Things started to go south between the sisters when the Redditor needed to go in for surgery. As she explained in her viral Reddit post, the babies were three and five weeks old at the time, and her sister offered to babysit along with her brother-in-law for three days while she was in the hospital. And when she returned home, she found her sister breastfeeding her son.

“When I came home today, I walked into my son on my sister’s breast, which I actually didn't have an issue with to begin with because it was probably easier to BF him than make bottles,” the new mom wrote on Reddit before explaining the big issue that happened next. “But she told me after she had thrown out all of the ‘garbage’ I was feeding him and she was going to pump+donate milk to him.”

Her sister had never used a breast pump, she went on to explain, and did not have a supply already pumped. So without baby formula, her sister would now have to nurse her nephew. “The only way she could have been feeding my son over the next few weeks would be to put him on the boob, which would take time away from me being with him.”

“I was kind of in shock so I didn’t react straight away but I went to the bathroom and called the police on her,” the Reddit poster went on to explain. “Apparently what she did wasn’t a crime, and the child is being fed so they couldn’t even do anything about it.”

The two sisters have stopped speaking as the new mom tries to find a way to afford to replace 14 cans of baby formula, and now she’s wondering if she was in the wrong to call the police. Unsurprisingly, fellow Redditors had some answers for her.

“That’s $700 worth of the formula my baby drinks. I would be livid,” wrote one user.

“She just literally dumped hundreds of dollars of formula that YOU BOUGHT because of her own personal opinions on formula. I would have done the same thing, in your situation,” added another.

One Reddit user thought everyone behaved badly in this situation. “Your sister is an obnoxious, judgy AH. She should not be giving you sh*t about how you choose to feed your child. She should never have thrown out your formula. That's extremely f**ked up. You also shouldn't have called the police. That's equally f**ked up, maybe moreso.”

The breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding conversation has long been a fraught one, but taking someone’s formula and dumping it does seem like a bridge too far. Especially when that person is your sister.