*Evil Cackle*

The New Ursula Doll From ‘The Little Mermaid’ Is Kind Of The Coolest

She’s a miniature Melissa McCarthy.

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Is there anyone who isn’t excited for the new, live action remake of the The Little Mermaid? Millennial parents who grew up with the animated Ariel and friends will now get to share all that under-the-sea adventure with their own kids. If your little one has watched the trailer a thousand times already, then you’ll be glad to know Disney and Mattel have released a new line of dolls from the movie — including a brand new Ursula doll.

Melissa McCarthy will play the villainous sea witch who plots to steal Princess Ariel’s voice. The Bridesmaids and Tammy star said in a previous interview that her rendition of Ursula is 100% inspired by drag queens (and the original, animated Ursula was too, for that matter). And all that bold, dramatic, sparkly sea witch energy is now available in doll form.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Ursula Fashion Doll has posable arms and tentacles and a removable shell necklace (so your kid can decide where she is in her grand scheme of stealing Ariel’s voice). She has an all-over sparkle to her evil ensemble, and sports Ursula’s signature lavender updo and bright makeup. The new Ursula doll retails for $24.99 and is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Your child can also collect other character dolls inspired by the movie and recreate entire scenes from The Little Mermaid. There’s an Ariel doll (who looks so much like actress Halle Bailey) whose dress transforms into a sweeping, sparkling mermaid tail with a press of her seashell necklace. You can also shop for Ariel and her sisters, Karina and Mala, a human version of Ariel with Prince Eric, a trio of dolls including King Triton (tiny Javier Bardem!), and more. Don’t forget about the Small Dolls collection either, where your child can collect all of the characters in miniature form, including an entire grotto full of accessories for Princess Ariel.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Ursula Fashion Doll is available now in stores and online from major retailers like Walmart and Target. If your usual shopping stops are out of stock, you can find everywhere the doll is available by checking Mattel’s website.