Image of one of the new Orly X Lisa Frank nail polish kits, inspired by Markie the unicorn, holding ...

The ORLY x Lisa Frank Nail Collaboration Makes A Magical Manicure

The new collection, full of electric lacquers and unicorn nail wraps, might be more fun than a Trapper Keeper full of sticker sheets.

We’ve all seen rainbows before, right? And kittens? Cute, but not exactly otherworldly. And if you’re a parent to little ones, chances are you’ve got more unicorn stuffies than you know what to do with. So what exactly is it about a Lisa Frank sticker that sends ‘80s, ‘90s, and even some early-aughts babies into a euphoric fever-dream state? Is it the insanely vibrant, unnatural colors (like pearlescent slime green), or the eyeball-stimulating iridescence? Maybe it’s the heart-tug that comes with remembering the Trapper Keepers, pencils and school supplies of your youth, all dressed up in cellophane yet again for your own kids to hoard. Whatever the magic, it’s real. And it’s back, only now you can wear that famous rainbow-tailed unicorn on your nails.

ORLY, the vegan nail care line (which is free of questionable chemical ingredients like camphor, formaldehyde, phthalate, and toluene) has teamed with the Technicolor brand to inspire nail kits, wildly sparkling topcoats and nail wraps — a first for ORLY — available now on, and in Ulta Beauty stores on Aug. 29.

The wraps are a stand-out for several reasons: First, ORLY has never offered nail wraps like this before. Second, this means you can now sport the sprightly Markie on nail beds without turning to lacquers or fussy stencils. All you have to do is press the strips onto nails, then file away the excess that hangs over the perimeter. This also means that you can think about trying the smaller-sized wraps on your kids’ nails, too. Not a bad idea for some rainy day fun.

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The new shades are as whimsical as you’d imagine, when you’re ready for a not-so-shy mani in, say, hot pink or electric turquoise. But you can also shake up your regular paint job by sweeping overtop with the line’s new Star Glaze Iridescent Top Coat, which will add an illuminating shimmer to whatever lies beneath.

Also shockingly joyful is the new Hits The Spot Confetti Topper, which leaves a layer of circular, multicolored confetti on the surface. Just imagine your toes covered in colorful confetti; what a fun spin to give those summer sandals before they walk off into winter hibernation.

So if you want to feel that rush of joy again, check out these new arrivals. And if you’re feeling really crafty, consider being creative outside of your fingers and toes. Painting the glittering top coats over lunchbox labels or homemade crafts, for example, will lend a festive touch.