Father's Day

dad and daughter reading a book together
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These 20 Personalized Father's Day Books Will Totally Make Dad Cry

Don’t forget to the tissues.

A t-shirt or a tie are great Father’s Day gifts. But if you’re looking for a keepsake dad will hold onto long after your little one has grown and flown, there’s nothing better than a personalized Father’s Day book. Whether it includes real photos of your child and their dad or changes up the storyline using their real names, this is a gift they can share with each other again and again, and pull off the shelf years down the road.

Not surprisingly, the personalized trend has hit the literary world in a big way. Now there are dozens of sites that can customize a storyline or illustrations — complete with a cartoon dad that looks exactly like your old man. In fact, there are even a few free downloadable book options available on sites like Etsy, in case you want to do it yourself.

The best part is, with so many options to choose from, you can find the best personalized book for your pop. Whether he’ll appreciate seeing himself as a capped comic book superhero or prefers flipping pages of a board book filled with sweet shots of him and his new babe, there really is something for everyone.


A Baby Board Book For Dad

You might love the idea of a beautifully tailed customized book for your spouse, but realize that if they’re reading it to baby, it’s gonna get gooed up. So get a board book instead. This one is baby appropriate while just as tender as the other options.


A ‘Guess How Much I Love You?’ Book

How much do you love your dad? It’s hard to put into words, so let this personalized book do it for you. As a bonus, you can include multiple children so no one feels left out.


A Cartoon Dad Who Looks Just Like Your Pa

Not only is the story of Hooray Heroes daddy-driven book customizable, but so are the characters. That means you can make a dad to match your own along with your child.


A Books For Dads of Daughters

Find your best snaps of your daughter and her dad then compile them in this beautiful photo album complete with meaningful quotes and phrases dad will appreciate forever.


A Book for Dads with Sons

Sons shouldn’t be left out of the dad book scene. Thats why Put Me In the Story has created a son version of its popular photo album book.


A Comic Book Of Dad

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s... Dad? That’s right. Dad gets the full comic book treatment in this story all about how he protects his little ones.


A Customized Family Photo Album For Dad

If you want to make a personalized Father’s Day book but you also appreciate efficiency, then log in to your already existing Shutterfly account and grab your pictures right from there to craft this fun gift.


A Book All About Him

Shine the spotlight on the dad in your life with this unique book that tailors pages of facts specifically to him using his name and birth year to compile them.


A Superhero Story for Dad

Another riff on the classic comic book, this version from Uncommon Goods puts dad at the center of the story as he becomes the hero of adventures big and small.


A #DadGirl Book

Written from a baby’s point of view as she discovers her wonderful father, this will give dad all the feels.


A Book All About Dad’s Unique Name

Using the name you input, this book gives dad a look at how special he is based on his name. Personalized just to him, he’ll be touched by the sweetness of this story.


A Book Starring Dad

From name, sex, skin tone, eye color, and hairstyle, you can personalize this story to star your own dad. This beautiful book will become a timeless favorite in your home.


An Avatar to Match Your Dad

One of the most fun parts about a personalized book is the fact that you can see the finished product before you purchase. That also means you can tinker and change it up before you commit, as is the case with Playstories Father’s Day book.


A Sandra Boynton Book Starring Dad

Sandra Boynton is a beloved children’s book author. Her colorful characters, like silly cows and monsters, are favorites with babies and toddlers. Now you can insert your dad or child in her stories with these personalized board books. Just upload a photo and text and you’ve got your own Boynton classic.


A Print-At-Home Personalized Father’s Day Book

Yes, you can make your own Father’s Day book and it’s easier than ever with this free download option. Follow the steps to DIY your book for pops.


Super Personalized Book for Dad

Some personalized books just let you add in your dad’s name or photo. This Etsy option lets you add his name, location, nickname, and child’s name to make it extra customized.


An Illustrated Photo Book for Dad

This Etsy vendor takes your own pictures and manipulates them to look like illustrations for a super special children’s book style. Plus, you can send in up to 20 photos to use.


A Handwritten Father’s Day Book

If you want to make your book for dad extra personalized and off the cuff, get this book. With prompts to hand write your own favorite thoughts about dad, you’ll be able to customize it like a journal.


A Personalized Coupon Book For Dad

Remember in kindergarten when you crafted a coupon book for your dad? That’s the same idea here, only 100 percent more professional looking with personalized tasks you’ll do for your dad.


A Beautifully Illustrated Custom Dad Book

Starring silly foxes and whimsical rabbits and darling elephants, you’d be hard pressed to find a prettier personalized book for dad. Just add in your child or children’s names for a super special gift.

Tell your dad a new story this Father’s Day. With these personalized books, you can write a new chapter in the ongoing tale of your unconditional bond.