Photo of a golden retriever swimming in the river on a hot summer day.
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15 Dogs Who Summer Better Than You

Nothing like taking a dip in the dog days of summer.

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Sometimes after a particularly rocky day of adulting, I think about how relaxing and low-stress it would be to be a dog (please tell me I’m not alone in this). This feeling is especially prominent when I see dogs joyfully splashing around in water without the need to pack a beach bag, slather on sunscreen, or shimmy into an ill-fitting swimsuit. These 15 pictures of dogs swimming may just make you wonder if your pup friends are taking better advantage of the long summer summer days than you are.

Whether they’re paddling in turquoise pools in Japan, jumping into a Bulgarian lake, or simply laying in an inground swimming pool without a care in the world, these dogs know how to unwind on the hottest days. And even if you don’t have a pool or a lake nearby, you could opt for a durable kiddie pool to keep your dog (and your child) cool and entertained all summer long (I learned how operative the word ‘durable’ is here after an unfortunate incident with my dog’s paw and my $13 blow-up pool).

Take a look at these 15 pictures of dogs living their best life in water below, and be ready to plan your next pool paw-ty.

Keep Your Head Above Water


Golden Retrievers are naturally good swimmers (they were bred to retrieve birds from lakes and ponds, per Pooch Authority) and this little dog is no exception. This good boy or girl is doing their best to not get the top of their head wet, which is 100% relatable.

Swimming With A Ball

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How beautiful is this Australian Shepherd with bright blue eyes? This doggy is cooling off in a refreshing alpine lake in Colorado and the ball is along for the ride.

Take A Leap

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This photo is pretty much the epitome of dog joy. We could all take a cue from this pup and dive in without thinking twice about it.

Sharing Is Caring

Marcos Nieto / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

These two dogs have sharing down pat. The way they’re clinging to the stick reminds me of a pool noodle that they’re lazily drifting behind.

Planning His Next Move

LWA/Dann Tardif/DigitalVision, Getty Images

Sometimes you need a minute before taking the plunge. This adorable English bulldog is surveying the pool before making the jump. Sometimes bulldogs may have trouble staying afloat because of their broader chests and short legs, per Puppy Leaks, but honestly, is there anything cuter than a dog in a life jacket?

The Buddy System

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This quad of beagles is having a ball of a time in a lake. Beagles can be naturally strong swimmers, per My Beagle Buddy, but not all of them take an instant liking to water. One way to get them comfortable with swimming is throw a ball or a favorite toy in for them to get.

A Pup Lounging In The Pool

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This photo is the most I’ve ever identified with a dog before. Sometimes you just need to dry in the sun on a pool float before jumping back in.

Making The Plunge

Maya Karkalicheva/Moment, Getty Images

This adventure dog is plunging into the lake at the beautiful Purin National Park in Bulgaria, proving that some dogs will go on fancier vacations than I will.

A Pup Drying Off

Jan Dickhöver / EyeEm/EyeEm, Getty Images

This sweet little smoosh is having a ball bouncing around the water in Düsseldorf, Germany. It’s safe for your puppy to swim, just make sure to keep an eye on them the first few times as they figure it out.

Chilling In The Pool

paul mansfield photography/Moment, Getty Images

Oh hello friend. Pit Bulls sometimes get a bad (and unfair) rap, but images like this one just relaxing with its ball show how gentle and cute they can be.

Taking A Load Off

Angela Auclair/Moment, Getty Images

Sometimes everyone, dogs included, needs to just sit still in the pool doing nothing. Swimming is a good way for Aussies to burn off some energy, according to The Smart Canine.

Yo Quiero Swimming In The Lake

Angela Emanuelsson / EyeEm/EyeEm, Getty Images

This tiny chihuahua is taking a dip in Eskilstuna, Sweden (lucky dog). Chihuahuas have strong likes and dislikes (to put it mildly) and some will love the water, while other chihuahuas will be frightened by swimming, per The Smart Canine.

Showing Off

Tom Meaker / EyeEm/EyeEm, Getty Images

Nothing like a cannonball into the lake while your pal looks on. Labradors have webbed feet and otter-like tails, per Inside Dogs World, that make them terrific swimmers.

A Newfie Swimming

Vicky Kasala/Stockbyte, Getty Images

Despite their large size, Newfies are very good swimmers, per Inside Dogs World, especially when it comes to swimming long distances or in icy waters (thanks to their thick coats). This cutie has the dazed look of someone who’s been relaxing in the pool all day.

A Shiba Inu

feng xu/Moment, Getty Images

Is it just me or is this Shiba Inu legit smiling? I would be too if I were swimming in this beautiful turquoise pool in Japan.

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