From Catboy To Owlette, These Are The Best 'PJ Masks' Halloween Costumes

“Time to be a hero!”

Superheroes have fascinated people for generations. Who wouldn’t want to discover they have super powers? That desire isn’t exclusive to adults. So naturally kids have grabbed onto Connor, Amaya and Greg, three tykes activate their alter egos who when they go to bed and put on their pajamas: Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko.

No surprise, the Disney Junior show PJ Masks may have convinced your child that the only acceptable Halloween costume this year is a PJ Masks costume. Fortunately, there are more characters to choose from than just the core three mentioned above. Villains Luna Girl, Night Ninja, and Romeo are also options for the PJ Masks-loving kiddo. These costumes aren’t just limited to children either. Mom and Dad can join the mystery-solving teammates as well in adult size ensembles. In fact, you could outfit your entire family in PJ Masks costumes this Halloween.

But, as evident in researching this list of great PJ Masks costumes, these looks are selling fast. Looks like every child wants a piece of the PJ pie. So best get shopping soon if you want to score a Catboy or Gekko costume before Halloween. Here’s where to start looking if you want to make sure your kid is in “time to be a hero!”

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The Best Kid Catboy Costume

Want a great PJ Masks costume? Think Catboy. Catboy is amazing. He can hear anything with his super powered ears. Not to mention he can jump really high and run really fast. Like faster than the speed of light fast. All key characteristics he uses to solve problems with Gekko and Owlette. Your super fast kid can get into Catboy character in this costume that includes a jumpsuit with a detachable tail and a soft headpiece that fits partially over the face. Designed to look exactly like the real Catboy’s super suit, your child will feel like they’re in the show using their “Super Cat Speed!” all night long.


Best Kid Gekko Costume

Gekko may be the baby of the trio, but age doesn’t factor in to his mighty power. The super sticky superhero can attach to anything and his amazing strength helps his teammates overcome the likes of Luna Girl and Romeo every time. But sometimes he can be shy and scared to speak up. Sound like your little guy? Let him find his strength and voice Halloween night in this super cute Gekko costume. Made up of four pieces, it comes with a bright green jumpsuit with attached boot covers, a hood-like mask that goes over half of the face, a tail (natch), and a pair of gloves. Polyurethane foam gives the costume shape and definition.


Best Kid Owlette Costume

We can’t forget Owlette. Amaya by day, super sighted, powerful flying hero by night, Owlette is a whip smart 6-year-old. And she has a show-stopping costume to match. Here it’s made up of a reddish pink polyester jumpsuit with a winged cape, and a headpiece that fits over the eyes. Your little Owlette will be so thrilled to get it, she’ll likely not want to take it off. And that’s OK, because you can hand wash this great PJ Masks costume and air dry it for another problem-solving adventure in the future. Stretchy for added comfort, you can easily dress your child in leggings and t-shirt underneath to keep them warm on Halloween night.


Cute Luna Girl Tutu

Sometimes it’s more fun to play the bad guy than the good guy. Who doesn’t like to tap into their more devious side now and again? Your child can do just that as Luna Girl. The night villain who can be malicious and a thief, she’s one to keep a close eye on. Which will be easy for you to do Halloween night when your child is wearing this tutu Luna Girl-inspired look from Etsy. Made up of a black bodice with a tulle tutu, it’s adorned with Luna Girl’s moon chest symbol. Sneaky and spooky, your little one will be looking right on theme.


Best Night Ninja Mask

Night Ninja is a classic villain in the James Bond sense of the word. He doesn’t do the dirty work. He sends out his henchmen, the Ninjalinos, to do it for him. Is your child just as good at delegating? Maybe they need to be Night Ninja for Halloween. To get you started, you can buy this Night Ninja mask. Cushioned and multi-layered this mask rests comfortable with some thick elastic that goes around a child’s head. Large eye holes ensure clear vision, something this treacherous and mysterious character needs to do his bad deeds. Pair this with a blue shirt and pants, and your costume is good to go.


Best PJ Masks Set of Masks

Looking for an easy way to outfit the whole family in PJ Masks costumes? Look no further than this set of handmade PJ Masks masks. Featuring six characters, you can also buy them with matching capes. Great for a birthday party as well, this vendor can even personalize each mask with say “Zander’s 5th Birthday” to add to the fun. And if you have a crowd that’s super into PJ Mask, you can opt to buy these in bulk — up to 30 masks at once. How’s that for super hero shopping skills? Your child will think you’ve got your own magic powers when they see the delivery box.


Best PJ Masks Crochet Pattern

For a more homespun PJ Masks costumes that are as darling as they are cozy, you could make your own masks with these crochet patterns from Etsy. Available in Gekko, Owlette, and Catboy designs, each is created to fit as a hat/headpiece that goes over the eyes. Made to fit children ages two to five, you can help your kids activate their imaginations by using your own craft skills to produce each of these patterns. Then, come Halloween, pair them with pink, green, or blue outfits, and they’re on their way to having the happiest holiday ever.


Great Luna Girl Mask

Need the piece de resistance to make your Luna Girl look right? Buy this mask to complete her costume. Designed to look just like the real Luna Girl with her shock of white hair, this face mask has large eye holes to avoid compromising your kids depth of vision. In addition, the mask fits comfortably over the head with an adjustable elastic strap allowing for hours of playtime or trick-or-treating fun. This would make a great pairing with the aforementioned Luna Girl tutu for a baby or, if you have a big kid Luna on your hands, you could pair this with black pants and a black t-shirt for an easy DIY look.


Clever Catboy Leotard

Surely Catboy deserves variations on its uniform. Here you’ll find one, a look many kids couldn’t resist. It’s a Catboy leotard with fluttery sleeves. The Catboy logo is prominently screen printed on the front in neon blue glitter. Made of stretchy nylon, your superhero will be able to easily use their super speed powers in this outfit. And if you really want to amp up the look, you can purchase a matching Catboy skirt from the same vendor. Put them together and what have you got? One super cute superhero who can take on anything that pops out in the night.


Perfect PJ Robot Mask

We can’t forget PJ Robot. The small machine aids the PJ Masks crew and works to stop evil even though he was originally designed by the villainous Romeo. The little sidekick hovers about and can fly at fast speeds too. Sounds like a guy any team of guardians would like to have by their side. Get the PJ Robot effect with this mask that’s made out of eco-friendly recycled quality felt and embroidered/applique. This mask is an invitation to get hyper creative with the rest of your kid’s costume by going old school and glueing a stack of boxes together and spray painting them silver. Think of the fun.


Best Adult Catboy Costume

“Catboy is all blue, all the time, and so is this costume! The full length jumpsuit features the same cool blue pattern and details of Cody's superhero form,” is how Halloween Costumes describes this adult Catboy suit. So don’t worry, no one will have trouble spotting you out the neighborhood trick-or-treating. But that’s a good thing, right? All the better to wow the neighbor kids in your jumpsuit and matching mask made from 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill as well as 100% polyurethane foam. You can dress your little ones as Owlette and Gekko and go as a trio if you really want to prove your the coolest parent on the block.


Best Adult Owlette Costumes

“Mom, is that you?” is likely something you’ll hear your children say when you step out of your bedroom wearing this adult Owlette costume. Designed as a dress with a detachable cape that hooks onto the hands as well as a perfectly owlish face mask. Made in the perfect pinkish/red hue Owlette is known for, you’ll be rocking the Disney look and feeling comfortable Halloween night in this 100% polyester look. The only question will be: who’s more of a superhero, Owlette or Mom? And with those powers combined what can’t they do? Answer: Nothing. Together, they’re simply unstoppable.


Best Adult Gekko Costume

When it comes to outfitting adults in PJ Masks costumes, you can’t forget Gekko. Fortunately the sticky character comes in Dad sizes too. Get the look with this costume that’s made up of three polyester pieces including a jumpsuit, mask, and tail. Gotta have that tail, right? More than just fabric, this Gekko costume is designed with 3-D features making the character look all the more real. Polyurethane foam in the headpiece, knees, and tail add more dimension. And thanks to screen printing, the suit is exactly the same design as the real Gekko. Go ahead, prepare to blow your kid’s mind.

"PJ Masks, we're on our way. Into the night, to save the day!" can be the mantra of your whole fam on Halloween night. All you need are these PJ Masks costumes.