Dolphins & Unicorns, Oh My!

The Lisa Frank Collection From Posh Peanut Is ‘90s Perfection

And the material is so soft.

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There are few things I wish I could pluck out of my childhood and put in my own three daughters’ childhood like Lisa Frank. The colorful, whimsical, rainbow brand of the ‘90s is a huge core memory for me, and now I get to share all of that unicorn and animal print rainbow goodness with my girls thanks to the Posh Peanut x Lisa Frank collection.

It’s time to think beyond the Trapper Keepers and pencils of our youth. Lisa Frank is back and she’s brighter and better than ever — and she’s available in the world’s softest dresses and accessories. Posh Peanut is a brand known for its incredible breathable bamboo fabric (my girls have so many pairs of Posh Peanut jammies and dresses, they’re the best), and now you can get some of your favorite items in four fun Lisa Frank designs. There’s the Markie Magic design, which is just straight up vibrant rainbows and unicorns, as well as a bright Dancing Dolphins print, an animal print-heavy Hunter print, and a classic Lisa Frank logo print. With jammies, clothes for both little guys and gals, adult jammies, and some really cute accessories like blankets and bookbags, there is literally a Posh Peanut x Lisa Frank treasure for everyone in your family.

Let me tell you, Lisa Frank has not lost its allure. When my 8-year-old, who has had a unicorn birthday party every year since she was 4, saw the Markie Magic bookbag and lunchbox, she squealed and said, “That’s it. This is my bookbag for fourth grade.” When she saw the blanket? She ran straight upstairs to put it on her bed.

But Posh Peanut itself is such a great brand, the Lisa Frank collection just makes it extra special. The material — that buttery bamboo viscose — is so, so good. It’s breathable, it’s light, it’s soft, and it is durable. My girls have crawled on concrete in their Posh Peanut dresses, they’ve worn the jammies out to the trampoline, and every time, those outfits have come back out perfectly from the washer and dryer. And my favorite? The sizes go up nice and high so even my oldest can match my youngest (and I can match, too).

So whether you want a bunch of items and outfits in the same design or you want to go for a mixture to create the ultimate whimsical closet and house, the Posh Peanut x Lisa Frank line is 100% worth it. Pick your favorites for you and your kids and bring back all of that ‘90s glory. Did anything feel better than being totally decked out in rainbow and cheetah print?