And Now With An Attitude!

These Pregnant Sisters Recreated The Father Of The Bride Workout Scene So Perfectly

Franck would be impressed.

When two pregnant sisters living in different states got together for a shared baby shower, they decided to commemorate the moment. They threw on their spandex bodysuits and grabbed their other sister to recreate one of their favorite moments in movie history: Franck Eggelhoffer’s iconic workout scene in Father of the Bride: Part II. Velcome (back) to the 90s, Mr. Bonks!

Sisters Moriah Kornoski, Meghan Thompson, and Melissa Johnson have been watching the Father of the Bride movies, both of the remakes starring Steve Martin as dad George Banks and Diane Keaton as Nina Banks from 1991 and 1995, for most of their lives. “We three sisters grew up loving the Father of the Bride movies,” Meghan tells Romper. “Our dad reminded us so much of George Banks and quoting the films became a staple in our household.”

The three sisters especially loved Father of the Bride: Part II, when both Nina and her daughter Annie, played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley, find out they’re pregnant at the same time. “We watched Father of the Bride: Part II in the labor and delivery room before [my sister Melissa] went into full blown labor,” Meghan shares.

When both Moriah and Melissa found out they were pregnant at the same time, they came up with the idea to recreate the iconic workout scene from the movie where their wedding planner Franck Eggelhoffer, famously played by Martin Short, is leading both Nina and Annie in a pregnancy workout. The sisters packed their bodysuits, enlisted Meghan to channel her inner Franck, and away they went.

They’ve clearly seen the movie many times because they absolutely nailed it in the video shared on Meghan’s Instagram page, @MiniHouseBigLiving.

The attention to detail in the video is absolutely everything. From Meghan mouthing along with Franck as he gives bizarre instructions like “Little tin soldier! Happy tin soldier!” to Moriah and Melissa giving the full attitude needed, it was pretty much perfection. And appreciated by folks on social media, who have viewed the video more than 600,000 times.

“Since I’ve watched that movie so many times, I can appreciate the accuracy and attention to detail here,” wrote one, while another added, “It’s hard to see other people live your dreams! One of my absolute favourite movies and this is a great tribute.”

“As someone who grew up watching this movie, this is priceless! Well done ladies!” another commented.

One more said, “I don’t have the sound on and reciting it in my head lines up lol most of Franc [sic] lives rent free in my brain.”

It was a special moment for the three sisters as well. “We had a blast recreating it,” Meghan tells Romper, “and trying to keep straight faces for the final video you see now.”

We like to think Franck would approve. Or at least use this video to launch his own maternity workout line. But George Banks better get his wallet out again because you know Franck won’t be footing the bill.