Premade Easter baskets can cut down on your DIY time this Easter.

These Premade Easter Baskets Make The Easter Bunny's Job Very Easy

Make your Easter prep an absolute breeze this year.

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This Easter, on top of stuffing eggs with candy, hiding those eggs, planning (and probably preparing) a holiday feast, you've also got to figure out exactly what to put in everyone's Easter basket, right? Nope. You absolutely do not. You can buy premade Easter baskets for every member of your family and it is 100% OK.

When it comes to making the most of a family holiday celebration, sometimes it's necessary to lean into simplicity where you can. Luckily, there are a plethora of premade basket options for every age filled with exactly the type of treats and trinkets your kids expect to see on Easter morning. Instead of shopping for individual items, knock out your Easter prep in one fell swoop with these premade Easter baskets.

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Premade Easter Baskets For Babies & Toddlers

Babies (and most toddlers) are blissfully unaware that Easter is a candy-forward holiday, so it's easy to get away with gifting them baskets full of non-edible treats. Stuffed animals, simple toys, and even clothes are still exciting to receive even as a toddler, so take full advantage of that with these premade Easter baskets for babies and toddlers.

Premade Easter Baskets For Preschoolers

It will feel almost like Christmas morning for your preschooler when they wake up to a character-themed Easter basket filled with toys, games, and candy. Whether they currently love all things Minnie Mouse or can't stop watching Paw Patrol, there's a pre-filled character basket out there that they're going to absolutely love. You also can't go wrong with Easter classics like bunnies and spring chicks for preschoolers.

Premade Easter Baskets For Ages 5 - 8

Baskets filled with classic toys like jump ropes, coloring books, and bubbles are perfect for keeping this age group happy and occupied. A basket filled with retro games or rainbow-themed toys can also be a fun way to shake up your Easter basket gift-giving.

Pre-Made Easter Baskets For Ages 9 - 12

By the time your kids are in upper elementary school, what they really, really want in their Easter basket is candy — lots and lots of candy. Pre-filled baskets with plenty of sugary sweets are sure to win them over. You can also lean into your big kid's interests with a sports or unicorn-themed bucket filled with various treats.

Premade Easter Baskets For Teens

Depending on what your teen is into, they may enjoy a gaming-themed basket, or an Easter basket filled with art supplies and pampering facial masks. But with some teens, it makes sense to think outside of the basket and gift them a towering stack of snacks and candy. When all else fails though, you can't go wrong with a basket of Easter-themed iced cookies.

Premade Easter Baskets For Parents

Whether you're looking for a premade Easter basket for mom or dad, a bucket or box filled with snacks and beverages are never a bad idea. Sometimes, all moms want is for someone to splurge on a huge basket of sweets they can have all to themselves so that they can hide in the closet eating something other than leftover Valentine's Day chocolates. You can also make sure mom feels relaxed and pampered — even if that means gifting a pre-filled basket (or box) to yourself.

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