Presidents' Day

The White House on a beautiful summer day, Washington, DC.

20 Presidents’ Day Riddles To Entertain Your Kids & Annoy Your Spouse

Guess which president could walk on stilts.

Presidents’ Day isn’t exactly favorite holiday material. It doesn’t have the sweets and treats of Valentine’s Day or the mischief and merriment of St. Patty’s. It could never compare to the magic of Christmas or the fun of Halloween. But for history buffs who love a good piece of presidential trivia, Presidents’ Day is as good a reason as any to bust out some brain teasers and tell Presidents’ Day riddles to anyone who will listen.

Presidents’ Day is celebrated annually on the third Monday in February, which happens to be the 21st this year. As explains, the holiday was established in 1885 as a way to honor George Washington around his birthday, which fell on February 22. Today it’s a celebration of all presidents, and for some, a bonus day off of work.

So, if the kids are home from school and you’re off for the day, add a little education in the form of these Presidents’ Day riddles. They’ll have fun trying to guess the president from your hints, and maybe you’ll learn something new, too.

Presidents’ Day Riddles That Will Actually Teach You Something

  • I was elected by one electoral vote. What’s my name? Rutherford B. Hayes
  • This president also happened to invent the swivel chair. Who was he? Thomas Jefferson.
  • We are two of the most famous American Presidents. Our names both have sixteen letters. I was born in 1846, he was born in 1946. I was elected in 1860, he was elected in 1960. We both died on Friday by a gunshot to the head. Who are we? Lincoln and Kennedy.
  • When I wasn’t doing my presidential duties, I was saving forests and walking around the White House on stilts. Who am I? Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Before I became president, I once worked as a bartender. What’s my name? Abraham Lincoln.
  • The 22nd and 24th presidents of the United States of America had the same parents, but were not brothers. How is that possible? Well, they were the same person. Grover Cleveland held office twice, but his terms were not consecutive.
  • Even the president takes his hat off for me. Who am I? A barber.
  • I was the only president in history to be elected unanimously. Who am I? George Washington.
  • We’re tied for the title of tallest president. We both measured 6’ 4”. Who are we? Abe Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • These three presidents have won Grammy awards for narrating audiobooks. Who are they? Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.
  • English was actually my second language; Dutch was my first. Who am I? Martin Van Buren.
  • Of all the presidents to live in the White House, I had the largest family with 15 children. What’s my name? John Tyler.
  • I am the oldest president to ever hold office. Who am I? Joe Biden.
  • This president passed away after just 32 days in the White House thanks to a cold. Who was he? William Henry Harrison
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Presidents’ Day Jokes For The Whole Fam

  • Who was elected after the first president? The second president.
  • What do you call George Washington’s fake teeth? Presidentures.
  • Which president wore the largest size hat? The one with the largest head.
  • Why did Honest Abe have trouble sleeping? Because he couldn’t lie.
  • Why did Abe Lincoln grow a beard? He wanted to look like that famous guy on the five-dollar bill.
  • How did George Washington speak to his army? In general terms.