Publix Easter hours mean you'll need to plan ahead.
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Here's What You Need To Know About Easter Sunday Hours At Publix

You better hippity hop on over there sooner rather than later.

Celebrating Easter Sunday can look like many different things, depending on who you ask. For some, it’s a spring celebration and they focus on a certain large bunny, egg hunts, baskets, and candy. For others, they enjoy getting dressed up in their Sunday best and going to church to celebrate. Either way, though, there’s food involved — because let's be real, what holiday is complete without food? No matter which way you celebrate this holiday, you might need to pick up last-minute items and hope Publix is open on Easter.

Well, I’m sorry to say for those folks who just needed groceries and for those who forgot to buy deviled eggs and ham, Publix is closed on Easter Sunday, per theholidayschedule.com.

However! You will be happy to learn that as long as you plan ahead, there are some great deals to be had on Easter favorites, per the Publix weekly ad for the week of Easter Sunday. From April 1 through 11, the Publix premium semi-boneless half ham is only $1.29 a pound, so I’m sure this will be the centerpiece for your fabulous holiday meal. You can spruce up your table and ham centerpiece with a bouquet of flowers for $14.99, and pinot noir, which is two for one at $12.99. Happy Easter, indeed.

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And in true Publix awesomeness fashion, they’re even offering springy side dish recipes — perhaps to go along with that ham? Check out their recipe cards in store for creamed Brussels sprouts, apricot-glazed sweet potatoes, and even pineapple “right-side-up” bread pudding for dessert. Thankfully, all the ingredients for each of these recipes are also on sale this week. If you’re more of an Easter candy for dessert person on Easter Sunday, there are a ton of BOGOs on candy, and even items for your last-minute basket stuffing, like a plush Easter Bunny for $3.99

Dang, Publix is good, and shopping will truly be a pleasure this holiday — as long as you get there before Easter Sunday.