Happy African American woman having Thanksgiving lunch with her family and serving salad at dining table.

Ralphs' Thanksgiving Store Hours This Year Are *Chef's Kiss*

And they sell pinot noir

You made your list and you checked it twice. But still, something is bound to slip, some missing crucial ingredient that is bound to render your Thanksgiving dinner a catastrophe. (Like, you know, the green bean casserole.) So as you run around trying to get ready, ask yourself this question: is Ralphs open on Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving, all Ralphs stores will be open, according to the company’s site. Even better, most stores will be open late, until 10 p.m. That means if you run out of anything (like, you know, extra desserts or alcohol), you can always pick up an extra pumpkin pie — or a Pinot Noir.

But let’s talk turkey for a minute, shall we? Ralphs has everything you’ll need for your big day, and can literally walk you through your meal prep. There’s a turkey sizing chart which can help you figure out how big a bird you need, plus tips on how to make it delicious...and not dry. Scroll down on the page and you’ll find recipes that teach you how to roast, smoke, air fry, or even Instant Pot your turkey, and inventive ideas on what to do with those day-after leftovers.

You can also pick up plenty of fresh food items at Ralphs as well, including green beans and Brussels Sprouts (both $1.49 lb), or Kroger russet potatoes ($3.99/10 lb). There is even a

Deli Fresh Hot Whole Roasted Chicken ($7.99) for those who just don’t like turkey on Thanksgiving.

And while you’ll find plenty of Thanksgiving foods to fill your table, what you can also shop for at Ralphs are holiday decorations as well. If you’re starting to set your table and think your décor is looking a little lackluster, you can always add glitzy pumpkins, wooden wall signs, or even a little gnome to brighten up your space.

From decorations to all the ingredients that you’ll need for your meal (and even tips on how to prep and serve it), Ralphs can help make mapping and executing your Thanksgiving meal a lot easier, which is definitely something to be thankful for.