A Patriotic Snack

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14 Red, White, & Blue Treats & Snacks

These double as perfect patriotic snacks and as 4th of July decor!

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that people get really into. Lots of patriotic gear to wear, fireworks at every get-together, and of course, lots of red, white, and blue treats and snacks. Fourth of July obviously calls for hot dogs, hamburgers, and other classic summer meals, but there is something about having a table full of red, white, and blue desserts and snacks that gets me really excited about celebrating America’s birthday.

The best part is: it’s summer. So like half of the ingredients you need to make up a red, white, and blue snack are already in the produce aisle. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers — you can use these as toppings in so many treats and snacks for the perfect color combination. And hey, food coloring goes a long way. But pulling together a red, white, and blue snack or treat really doesn’t have to be difficult.

The way all of these red, white, and blue desserts and snacks look on the table is pretty perfect. You can make a wide variety, or just pick a couple of favorites and do a double batch for a crowd, but make sure these red, white, and blue foods are at the center of the table. They double as decor and tasty treats, and nothing feels more like freedom than getting to eat your own table centerpiece.


Patriotic Strawberries

You know what always looks patriotic? A plate of strawberries. Add a little oomph and you’ve got these great Fourth of July patriotic strawberries ready to go for your get-together. Kids will absolutely love making them and eating them.


A Red, White, & Blue Treat On A Stick

Oh I do love a marshmallow pop and these cute red, white, and blue marshmallow pops featured on Yummly are so fun. They’re easy to customize, and they’d look great at a Fourth of July table just stacked up on a plate or standing up in a jar.


The Perfect Patriotic Snack

Puppy chow is one of those great unifiers of the snack table, and I love this patriotic puppy chow version to try on the Fourth of July. Red and blue M&Ms and sprinkles mixed in with white chocolate-covered pretzels and plenty of classic puppy chow make for a really pretty treat.


A Red, White, & Blue Breakfast

If you need something a little less sweet and a meal that will give you lots of energy for all of your fun Fourth of July activities, try this red, white, and blue avocado toast featured on Yummly. This is such a fun way to start your day, and the actual recipe itself is great for filling up on some protein before a day of swimming and fireworks.


A 4th Of July Charcuterie Board

There are few things better than a snack board, and this Fourth of July charcuterie is really special. Lots of red, white, and blue items so you can keep up with the theme and have plenty to eat all day long.


Red, White, & Blue Cake Skewers

These red, white, and blue angel food cake skewers could not be easier to put together. You can buy angel food cake at the store, cut it up into chunks, and then skewer it along with lots of red and blue fruit for the perfect sweet treat. Add some dipping sauces like caramel or whipped cream, too.


Patriotic Pizza

Such a fun one! This patriotic Fourth of July pizza featured on Yummly uses spinach for the blue, and all of it wilted down into the cheese really does make it look like the stars on the flag. So perfect.


The Perfect Red, White, & Blue Drink

Sparklers aren’t the only sparkling Fourth of July fun — you can also make this sparkling red, white, and blue sangria from Gimme Some Oven. It takes no time to pull together and is such a pretty drink.


A Patriotic Almond Cake

A treat that will please everyone? That’s definitely patriotic. This gluten-free almond cake from Cookie and Kate is the perfect red, white, and blue dessert that everyone can enjoy.


A Red, White, & Blue Dinner

OK, of course this is a lot of food coloring, but hear me out: a red, white, and blue chicken bacon pasta salad is such a great Fourth of July lunch. It’s a crowd-pleaser, easy to make in a large batch, and is just so fun for the kids to eat.


A Customizable Red, White, & Blue Dessert

Any kind of candy bark is an instant win for me, and I love this recipe for red, white, and blue s’mores bark featured on Yummly. You can customize it as much as you want, but the red and blue marshmallows plus Golden Grahams cereal really does bring the perfect summer nostalgia flavor.


The Patriotic Salad

In this fun salad, the blue is actually bleu cheese. But a red, white, and blue cobb salad is still a win, and this is another Fourth of July option to feed a crowd of people.


A Red, White, & Blue Dessert Salad

Cheesecake salad? Say no more. This decadent red, white, and blue cheesecake salad can look like a mess and that’s half the fun of it. Try out all of your favorite red and blue fruits mixed in.


A Patriotic Kid-Favorite Treat

And finally, these red, white, and blue M&M cookie bars are a must to try. So perfect, so classic, and so delicious. Trust me: you should go ahead and double the batch.

Red, white, and blue treats and snacks are a must for your Fourth of July celebration, even if you’re just hanging out at home. Pick a few of your favorites and set up the ultimate patriotic snack tray.