Safeway's Easter hours might help you out this year.

Safeway’s Easter Hours Might Save Your Ham This Year

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Because you boiled and dyed eggs to hide, but forgot to buy more for breakfast.

Getting ready for Easter, you spend hours stuffing eggs and baskets with treats, and then on top of it all, there's still a meal to plan. If in the midst of your Easter prep this year, you forgot to shop for actual groceries, don’t sweat it. Safeway is open on Easter this year to fill all of your last-minute grocery shopping needs. Whether you need to stock up on staples like milk, eggs, and bread, or any number of ready-made options, you can head to your local Safeway on April 4.

All Safeway stores will be open on Easter Sunday 2021, according to Good Housekeeping. Before you head out though, you’ll want to call ahead and check with your local store, as some may operate on an adjusted schedule for Easter Sunday. Additionally, services like grocery delivery and grocery order pick-up may be limited during holiday hours, but your local store can fill you in on the details.

I spent the last year getting to know my kitchen up-close-and-personal while my family was home more than ever before. In no way shape or form do I want to order and pick up an entire trunk-full of groceries ahead of time and then cook yet another holiday meal with all the trimmings at home. My mantra for Easter this year? The easier the better.

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If you’re nodding your head in absolute agreement, Safeway has the perfect solution. You can order their heat-and-eat Easter Sprial Ham Dinner ahead of time and pick it up on Easter Sunday. One meal feeds eight to 10 people and includes a ham, baked scalloped potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and spiced apples. You’ll need to allow at least two to three hours to heat everything up, but at least you’ll be able to skip all of the shopping, chopping, and prep work, and enjoy spending time with your family instead.

Safeway also has you covered with other order-ahead options like fruit trays, deli platters, salads, fried chicken, sandwiches, seafood platters, cakes, and more. Simply place an order through your local Safeway a few days in advance, and you can pick up everything you need for your full spread on Easter Sunday.