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Schitt's Creek Zoom Backgrounds To Transport You To Rosebud Motel

"Ew, David!"

Last spring, Zoom realized that if we were all going to be doing business from our homes, some of us might need a better background than the dirty pile of laundry on our bed. That’s when Zoom backgrounds arrived. Including everything from the Golden Girls TV show living room set to Star Wars planets, these hilarious backdrops have now become as common as, well, your laundry in virtual meetings. And while many have come and gone, the best backgrounds endure; Zoom backgrounds like Schitt’s Creek.

When the wealthy Rose family loses their fortune, defrauded video store titan Johnny moves his family — his wife Moira, a recovering soap opera star, and their two spoiled adult children David and Alexis — to Schitt’s Creek, a town he bought as a gag birthday gift for David in 1991. Naturally, hilarity ensues. If you’d like to add a little of that humor to your next video conference, you can set the scene with classic Schitt’s Creek spaces like the Rosebud Motel or Café Tropical.

The first batch the show released in March were four exteriors, but the second batch, announced on Twitter two days later, were even better. This foursome of images includes Alexis and David's bedroom along with Moira’s all-important wig wall.

So how exactly can you channel your inner Alexis or David with one of these clutch images? It’s a pretty simple process.

Click on one of the images from the two tweets. Select the one you like, then save it to your computer or phone.

Next, to add it to Zoom, go to Zoom’s homepage and click on “Meeting Settings.” There you’ll find the Virtual Background tab. Click the (+) button. This will allow you to add your image to your Zoom background library so you can use it whenever you want.

If you run into trouble, Zoom has put together a handy How To to help you out.

Then all you need to do, is dial up your next meeting and wait and see who amongst your co-workers will realize, in the words of Johnny, that your background is "very screamnastic.”