Get Ready For Sunny Days With These Sesame Street Nugget Couches

These limited edition Nugget couches feature your favorite monsters from the Street.

Can you tell me how to get, how to get these amazing limited edition Sesame Street Nugget Couches? Everyone’s favorite play couch is getting a makeover in collaboration with Sesame Street Workshop, with not only a relaunch of the Elmo Nugget, but they’re now introducing a Cookie Monster Nugget. “Me so excited.” Everyone remembers making forts with their couch cushions and blankets when they were kids and mom getting irritated, right? Well, Nugget takes fort-making to the next level without destroying the family couch. These cushions are easily disassembled, stacked, and folded, and kids spend hours of imaginative play building forts, building obstacle courses, or even lounging on them while they watch their favorite show — Sesame Street.

Two amazing companies focused on children’s happiness are coming together and bringing you these fabulous couches, which are priced at $279 and include the classic Nugget base, cushion, and two triangle pillows. Or you can get the Nugget cover set for your existing Nugget Couch, which is $159, and your kids can create their favorite characters as life-sized displays with “appliques” of the characters’ faces on the Nugget triangle pillows.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate even more deeply with the team at Nugget to bring the beloved Cookie Monster and Elmo into homes in a very unique way that supports big ideas and interactive play for the entire family,” said Gabriela Arenas, senior vice president of global licensing for Sesame Workshop, in a press release.

“With the addition of the loveable, classic blue monster to the Sesame Street collection, Nugget continues to build on its mission of serving families looking to nourish kids’ mental, physical and emotional growth,” the press release states. Both The Cookie Monster Nugget and The Elmo Nugget are now available on the Nugget Couch website.

Be sure to grab these limited edition Sesame Street Nugget Couches as soon as possible, because once they’re sold out, they’re gone.

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