Valentine's Day

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These Valentine's Day Zoom Date Ideas Are Sexy & Sweet

Because you can use tech as a tool to ramp up your romance... and start feeling super sexy.

If you’ve been out shopping lately, you know that the shelves are lined with everything pink and red, rosy and heart-shaped. But even if love is in the air, the pandemic is putting a pause on any real ways of celebrating it outside of your home. That’s okay, though, because you can always get (ahem) inspired with these sexy Valentine’s Day Zoom date ideas. From nice to, well, naughty, don’t let the distance stop you from a night of red-hot romance.

Tech can be another toy in your arsenal of adventure and romantic intrigue come Valentine’s Day, even if you are spending the night apart. And sure, would it be more fun if you and your sweetie were canoodling on the couch together? Of course. But you can learn to build on the excitement so that when you are able to see each other sans a mask and six feet apart, you’ll, you know, want to head straight to the bedroom... or even the kitchen floor.

But until that time, you can zoom in on these Zoom ideas to test out on Valentine’s Day. Because staying healthy (and apart for now) is truly the sexiest thing you can do for each other.

1. Play Card Games

And no, we’re not talking about Solitaire here, although it’s kind of appropriate. There are plenty of card games that you can play as a couple, no matter if it’s a first date or the fifth. “Go on Amazon or Etsy and buy one of those "Ask Me/Tell Me" type of games,” relationship and dating expert Lauren Peacock tells Romper in an email. “This is great for any stage of a relationship, and you can always learn something about your partner.” Plus, depending on the questions you ask, it can be a great way to feel flirty.

2. Cook Together

Tempted to try a super spicy chicken vindaloo recipe? Well, gather up the ingredients and make it a Valentine’s Day dinner. “Cook a meal together over Zoom,” suggests Peacock. “It'll be fun seeing how you each prepare the meal.” Then, sit down to eat together, even if you’re miles apart. After all, cooking together can help heat things up in the kitchen... or even the bedroom.

3. Create A Craft

If you can’t be together for V-Day, you can come up with something fun and cute to do together. So see who can DIY the best by picking a project to do via Zoom. You can send your sweetie the materials so they have it, and then set a timer and begin. Says Peacock: “This is a great way to show your creative side and your own personality through art, and you’ll be left with sweet mementos for each other when you’re done.” Because channeling your inner artiste is kind of sexy, indeed.

4. Take Out Some Toys

Listen, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And if all the talking is turning into serious foreplay, why not whip out a toy (or two) and have fun? “A sex toy during intimate moments online will help in making the overall Valentine's Day experience more pleasant and intensifying the sexual pleasure between couples,” Prismila De Guzman Kristensen, a sex expert and co-founder of NOTI tells Romper. Just be careful about your privacy during the video call, and only allow your partner to record the call if you want them to.

5. Take A Walk Together

Just because you can’t see each other doesn’t mean you can’t step out together. Put on some sneaks and take a nice stroll together, advises Samantha Moss, a relationship expert. “With applications like Zoom, you can feel like you’re really taking a walk together with your partner,” she says. “Open your Zoom application as you take a walk so you can soak up your surroundings together.”

6. Have A Movie Night

If the last time you were in an actual movie theater was pre-pandemic, you might be fiending for a flick. Well, you can watch a movie virtually with your loved one via Zoom. “With the help of Zoom’s screen share feature, you can definitely enjoy a movie date night for Valentine’s Day,” says Moss. Just pop some popcorn, and put on a rom-com… or something so much more scintillating.

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7. Play Truth Or Dare

Sure, the last time you might have played it was at a 6th grade sleepover, but times have changed. And depending on how you approach it, it could make for a super sexy night for all. “The partner will answer if it's a truth and corresponding punishment if it's a dare,” Michelle Devani, a relationship expert tells Romper. “Stripping off one clothes at a time or shot of alcoholic drinks must be provided as a punishment.” And when you’re down to your bra and panties, it’s up to both of you as to where the game (and the night) goes.

8. Be A (Nude) Model

Remember that sexy scene in Titanic where Rose tells Jack: "I want you to draw me like one of your French girls."? Well, break out your own beret and disrobe to your partner’s delight. “The most exciting way is if you both participate as a nude model,” says Devani. “It will create a sensation for both of you, and lead to a night of romance.”

9. Set Up A Surprise

Surprise and spontaneity are a great aphrodisiac. So why not Uber order a surprise meal for your partner? “Choose what you think might be their favorite meal, and ask them to do the same,” April Brown, LMFT, a marriage and family therapist tells Romper. “Order it around the same time so you can virtual share in the surprise.” While apps and entrees might make for an amazing evening, it’s up to you both to determine what dessert will be.

10. Shake Your Groove Thang

Forget the fact that you’re not in the same room (or maybe even the same state). Put on your dancing shoes, pump up the volume, position your camera, and just dance! “Choose any kind of dance (preferably those that don’t need you two touching) like belly dancing and step dancing,” Sam Whittaker, a relationship expert tells Romper. “You can practice the steps together, and dance to your heart’s contentment.” Best part: you won’t have to worry about stepping on your sweetie’s toes.

11. Masturbate

If you’re feeling frisky, there’s no better day than V-Day to show your love — self-love, that is. “On Valentine’s Day, claim your space, grab your laptop, pour a glass of champagne and get ready to masturbate (yes, masturbate) with the one you love,” Deborah K. Krevalin, LPC, LMHC, a psychotherapist and relationship expert tells Romper in an email. “It is a very natural, personal expression of self-love and sharing that with someone else can be beautiful not to mention sexy as hell.” It’ll qualify as the best Covid-safe sex of your life.

12. Do A Virtual Hug

One of the biggest struggles with Covid is the lack of cuddling couples can do if they’re not in the same household. But you can still vibe together by doing a virtual hug. How? Alexandra Holovitz, a tantric sexuality coach and hypnotherapist explains: “You both sit and look into the eyes of one other while taking a nice deep breath and hugging yourselves,” she says. “Energy transfers via screens as well, so this will still create deep intimacy and connection between parties.”

13. Eat Sensually

Slurping your soup is not the way to get into a sexy mind frame — but eating in a sensual way certainly is. Shop for some surefire sexy foods (think strawberries, chocolate dips, whipped cream, and champagne). Make it a game by seeing who can lick or suck the food the sexiest way possible, and get ready to eat your way to an erotic night.

Don’t let Covid crush your flirty feelings towards your partner. Even if you can’t canoodle in person, you can always still ramp up the romance via Zoom. It’ll be total foreplay before you see each other again — and rip each other’s clothes off.