11 Snacks For Watching The Masters

But crunch quietly during tee time.

Listen, we watch a lot of sports in my house, but there is just something about the Masters Tournament. Maybe it’s because we live in Georgia where the tournament is held or maybe it’s because it’s full of spring vibes, but there’s something special about watching this golf tournament — even if you’re not normally a golf fan. And having a list of snacks for the Masters, whether you’re hosting a party or just want your own Masters-themed foods to munch on, is imperative.

The really good news? Making food for the Masters doesn’t have to mean making a bunch of golf-themed treats (although one or two won’t hurt). The Masters Tournament is held in Augusta, Georgia, and they already have some traditional snacks and foods for the golfers. You can actually purchase hosting kits for the Masters directly from the Augusta National Golf Club and eat just like everyone in the azaleas. But since the Masters are already here, try out some of these recipes, which include everything from pimento cheese to caramel and pecan treats for the perfect Masters menu.

Don’t forget to grab some pre-made items, too, like barbecue potato chips and Moon Pies. You’ll want some nervous snacking when it’s down to the wire on Sunday.


Rice Krispies Golf Ball Treats

Take a classic party treat and update it for your Masters party with these Rice Krispies golf ball treats. Lots of green chocolate melts and marshmallows make these super kid-friendly and delicious.


Pimento Cheese

Pimento cheese is an absolute southern staple, and since the Masters is in Augusta, Georgia, it’s a must for your party menu. This pimento cheese recipe could be used on bread for an epic southern sandwich or as a dip or spread on crackers and veggies.


Egg Salad

This is another Masters classic — egg salad. It doesn’t get much cozier than a great egg salad sandwich, and this recipe is so easy to pull together. There are only six ingredients, and as a big fan of egg salad, this is the one you want with lots of texture, flavor, and thick enough so it doesn’t make your bread soupy. Make it in advance so all those flavors can marry together.


Peach Bourbon Pie

Give a nod to the state of Georgia with this peach bourbon pie from Gimme Some Oven. There’s something about all that green grass and those azaleas that just really makes you want to eat something peachy. This recipe is really easy, and you don’t have to use any fancy pie crust tricks either.


BBQ Pulled Pork

If you go to the Masters, barbecue is obviously on the menu. You can try out this Instant Pot BBQ pulled pork recipe from Damn Delicious for a really easy and delicious way to get some BBQ on the table. Put out the buns and all the toppings for a perfect Masters sandwich.


Turtle Brownies

Pecan and caramel? An obvious primo dessert flavor, but at the Masters, pecan caramel popcorn is also on the menu. Get inspired with those flavors and make these gorgeous turtle brownies. They are ooey and gooey, crunchy and fudgy, and sweet and salty in all the right ways. So, so good.


Pecan Pie Pound Cake

Another pecan nod — and a great southern dessert — for the Masters is this pecan pie pound cake. Seriously, don’t you want to jump into the middle of it and live there forever? This is a great snacking cake and honestly makes the perfect breakfast.


Moon Pie Cake

Moon Pies are known for being a southern treat, and you can even get them in one of the Masters official food packages. Go ahead and buy some to munch on, but then whip up this Moon Pie cake — using any flavor of Moon Pie that you like — for something extra special.


Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another sweet treat in the Masters food packages? Chocolate chip cookies. But don’t make just any random recipe, please do yourself a favor and make these browned butter chocolate chip cookies from Pinch of Yum. They are so unbelievably good and literally everyone will be impressed. A hole-in-one kind of dessert.


Arnold Palmer Iced Tea

Arnold Palmer is known for having four Masters championship wins in his golf bag, but his name is also the name of this refreshing, classic drink. Mixing lemonade and iced tea together is pretty much all you need to know, but this Arnold Palmer recipe even helps you make the perfect southern iced tea to go with it.


Caramel Corn

Remember when I mentioned the pecan caramel popcorn? This recipe for caramel corn may not have pecans, but it gives you that sweet and salty combo the Masters snack is known for. It’s a pretty crunchy treat though, so if you’re expecting all silence while Spieth or Tiger are teeing up, maybe chew quietly.

The Masters Tournament lasts all weekend, so you have plenty of time to whip up one or all of these recipes to help you celebrate.